The Used Toys Bank, Giving the Old Toys a Brand New Lease on Life

Recycling & Reusing, saving up on the resources, from the Newspapers, translated…

Fixing, Maintaining, then, Giving to the Children from Less Fortunate Backgrounds, the Seventy-One Year-Old Toy Doctor, Huang Has a Hand of Wander, with the Touches, the Remote-Controlled Car Was able to Work Again.

“Your toys no longer worked? Dad’ll buy you new one!”, in most families, as the toys get broken, the parents normally just goes and buy new ones, but, toys, for the children from less fortunate backgrounds became a faraway dream. The Hsinbei City Toy Banks specialized in repairing, maintaining the pre-owned toys and giving them to children who are from less-fortunate backgrounds to play, not only does this help the old toys find a new home, it’d given the children who are not so well-to-do to play with the toys they wouldn’t normally have the chances of playing with.

the used toys in storage, photo from…新北市玩具銀行成立滿1年,全台各地設有二手玩具捐贈的地點。 記者王敏旭/攝影

There are, FOUR toy doctors working in the Toy Banks, the seventy-one year-old Cheng-Hsyong Huang after he’d graduated from the mechanics department, had worked in the electric-engineering unit in Shihlin, operating and fixing up the equipment, then, he’d owned and operated a hardware store, after he’d retired and saw the toy bank was set up in Hsinbei City, he’d gone to the offices and asked to volunteer as the “Toy Doctor”, helped fixing up the toys with the electric parts, as well as the toys made from wood too.

Huang said, that a remote-controlled toy car, as it was being manufactured by the shops, the factories didn’t pay enough attention to quality, and they’d used the too-thin wires, which made the toys break easily, and some families would just buy the new toy cars for the children, but you’d only needed to switch out the burnt wire or the switches, then, the toy cars can speed like the wind again, that it’s such a shame, to throw away something that can be fixed and reused again.

新北市玩具銀行內的舊玩具透過玩具醫師巧手維修後,再轉送給弱勢團體的孩子。 記者王...the toy doctr, treating his toy patients, photo from…

And so, this man had taken his values of cherishing what he had, and placed the values in the toys he’d fixed up, and hopefully, as the children received these donated, used toys, they will know, to cherish their resources as well.


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