The Head Chef Went into the Prison to Teach the Lost Teens to Cook, Pulled Them Back from Going Down the Wrong Paths in Life

A role-model from a profession, who was able to connect to those whom he’d mentored, due to how he was once there himself, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The man chosen as a role-model professional by the Department of Labor this year is a famous professional chef, nicknamed, “Chih”, back when he was a teen, he’d almost gone astray, and after he’d become a bit established in his job, he’d taken up mentoring the inmates, the middle school dropouts to cook, he was “unafraid to walk into the prison systems, and saw those whom took the cooking lessons, a past version of himself.”, he’d done this for over two years to date, hoping that he will be able to, get the teens who are lost back on the right tracks.

offering a cooking lesson, not my photograph…

Yesterday, Yeh dressed in his chef uniform, and attended the awards ceremony for outstanding worker, stood by those winners from other professions, he’d, stood out. He’s from Kaohsiung, nicknamed, “Chef Magic”, excellent in cooking Chinese and western gourmets, was once awarded the single’s competitions in Food God competition in Beijing, and awarded the Cordon Bleu’s Gourmet medals, he is also the very first chef who was selected as one of the top ten outstanding youths here.

Yeh told, that he wasn’t from a well-to-do background, after he’d served his army terms, he’d gone into the food industry to apprentice, to learn a viable skill, but, he wasn’t from related majors, and couldn’t assimilate into the life of his peers, and he was raised in poverty, so, he’d, gotten involved with the mobsters, but, gladly, he’d taken the advice of his loved ones, which kept him from heading down the wrong paths in life. Yeh told, that he’d done wrong things when he was younger, “Although the society spoke on how it will give us the chances, but, it’d become, truly very hard, for me to find a job.”, he’d gone into the correctional schools, hoped, that he can teach those who are currently serving time the ability to “fish” for themselves, and, to instill the right values in them, and had told those whom he’d taught, that he was, willing to, hire them, but, because he couldn’t get in contact with those inmates directly, he’d not fulfilled his dreams to this day.

at work in the kitchen, photo found online…

But he did, impact the lives of many middle school dropout students, there was once a student who was at the bottom half of his class who’d told, had it not been Chef Magic, he may have gone astray, that he would’ve never become, an executive chef.

Yeh laughed and told, that in the correctional facilities and the prisons, the biggest difference in the classes was that all the cookeries, the knives, needed to be locked up, in case the inmates get angry with one another, and attacked them, and, the prisons also selected the prisoners carefully, that it wasn’t, really, as scary as the outside world thought it was.

So, this is a man, who’s now, devoted, in helping to get those who’d acted wrong BACK on the right tracks again, because he had, almost gone astray himself, which gives him that edge, that he can connect with the students in the correctional facilities he’s trying to teach…



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