The Death of the Female Writer…Having Been Raped, the Scars Never Healed

The experiences from getting RAPED, finally CRUSHED her, even after she was able to, tell the WORLD about what she’d gone through, the pain was still, too intense, I guess, which was why, she’d, taken her own life, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The News of the Death of a Female Writer Two Days Ago, Made All Who Knew Her Feel Loss; the Publishers Posted the Statements of Her Parents, Her Families & Friends, Stated, that the Tragic Tales that the Female Writer Wrote on, Was Autobiographical, She’d Hoped, that More People Will Learn, to Protect Themselves Because of Her Stories. She’d Originally Set Up a Book Signing at Her Alma Mater High School, which Will Happen, as Scheduled.

The female writer had just gotten published not long ago, and the publishers posted the statements of her parents, that she wasn’t overcome with illness, but it was, eight, or nine years ago, when she was, assaulted by the instructor in her cram school that she couldn’t possibly heal herself, that the protagonist in her book, was herself, and everything she’d written about, was from her own personal experiences in life, but, to protect her parents, as well as her family, that, was why she’d not stated it clearly, that she was, writing about herself.

The editor of the publishing company stated, that early yesterday morning, the female writer’s parents made the requests of hoping the publishers to post the statements, and refused any media’s interviews; as for the promotions of her new book, it’s been, canceled.

The female writer’s father is a famous physician in the southern regions, has his own way of treating the patients, but, there are a LOT of patients who’d asked to be treated by him, and so, he’d not left his clinic until after the midnight hours; her father kept a low profile, and only interacted with those he knew. After the news of the woman’s death, the notices of “Doctor is Not Feeling Well” were posted for three days, and, the clinic was only open, for the patients to pick up the medications.

This unfortunate news of the female writer’s death got back to her high school, and the teachers and students there felt the loss, the school instructors told, that the female writer did extremely well in the academics, and it wasn’t until last year, did they know of her being diagnosed with depression; and, seeing her parents’ statements, the school instructors were shocked to realize, that she was, raped by the cram school instructor.

The school told, that they’d originally scheduled for the writer to return to her alma mater at the end of May, for a book signing, which the students were all, looking forward to. The school decided to not cancel the plans, but instead, the school would introduce her process of writing, and combine it with life education, to teach the students how to protect themselves, to pull themselves out of the jam.

The school told, that normally, when the school received a case which the school counselors couldn’t help the students resolve, then, they’d normally refer to the therapy offices of professionals, but most parents only wanted the cases to be kept within the schools, to NOT get referred, so “the parents are the ones who’d needed to be educated on this matter the most.”

So, had this woman gotten the help sooner, she may not have needed to, kill herself, but, one can only imagine the pains that she must’ve endured through, and, she’d taken that very first step to healing herself back up, wrote about her own life’s experiences, but, she’d killed herself, because she couldn’t cope with what had happened to her when she was younger…


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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