To the Caretakers: Using Their Whole Lives to Take Care of the Loved Ones, in Exchange for that Smile

Real-life cases of caretaking of the elderly, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Case 1: Mr. Lin is approaching sixty, spent half of his life so far, caring for his own parents, he’d become, an experienced caretaker, having taken care of his own elderly for thirty years. His father who’d become blind had died long ago, and his own mother with the artificial anus died recently too, but, after burdens of caretaking are gone, he’d not felt the least bit relaxed. Taking care of his own mother was Mr. Lin’s whole life, he’d missed out on opportunities to marry, for the thirty years, he’d become, cut off from the society, he’s now, having a hard time, continuing on with life.

not my photo…

This, is a case, where a son gave up everything, his social life, his own life, to look after his parents, his parents were the SOLE focus of his life, and yet, because he never had the time, to develop any other interests, because there wasn’t any time for it, he’d now, become emptied, after both his parents passed away.

The Husband Takes Care of the Wife…But One Day, When I Can, No Longer Carry Her Weight…

Recalling back, one evening, Chen went for an evening stroll with his wife, and, she’d fainted without any previous warning signs, he’d lifted her to the hospital, and the doctors diagnosed her as having had a stroke. It’s been nineteen years, and now, Mrs. Chen sit in her wheelchair, dressed up very beautifully, smiled on so sweetly, like she was a four or five-year-old child. They both had retirement pensions, and could afford to hire a nurse’s aide for her, but Chen and his two daughters felt ill-at-ease, and as Mrs. Chen gets on and off of the wheelchair, Chen would carry her, he’d become, tired in the body, even more strained in the mind, he’s closing to eighty now, and he’s wondering, how much can he keep on, taking care of his own wife.

Since the 86-year-old Mrs. Lin became demented, she’d always snuck out of the house early in the morning and wandered. Caring for his elderly wife alone, the ninety-one-year-old Mr. Lin is strained, running to and fro, gone to the local substations, to claim his own wife time and time again, he’d decided, to seal up the door of his house, and, the two of them elderly, sat inside the house, doing nothing all day long. A lot of those who knew Mr. Lin told him that he should, send his wife into assisted living, but he’d stated, “She’d taken care of me from before, and now, it’s my turn to care for her.”

truly difficult, if it’s just you around the clock, 24/7!  Not my photograph…

More than Half of the 780,000 Elderly Who’d Lost Abilities are Looked After by Their Loved Ones

There are about 780,000 who’d lost abilities, and over half are looked after by their families, and, there were around 2.7 million who’d looked after their incapacitated loved ones without being known about, and, most of these individuals are all around you and I. From them, we can observe the three hardships of the increased longevity: 1. Elderly Looking After Elderly; 2. seventy-five percent of the caretakers are women, the older daughters or the eldest daughter-in-law shouldered the burden; 3. Those who left the caretaking occupation are increasing by the days, the Labor Department estimated that around 130,000 workers leave their work posts as caretakers.

And this, is only the BEGINNING of the problems all around the world, because people are living, longer, longer, and longer each and every year, and, there will be, MORE and MORE elderly who becomes incapacitated, unable to look after themselves, and, their young might feel that it’s their responsibilities, to look after their ailing parents, but, without the social support systems from the outside world, they’re all going to, get too taxed out, and, if a better support system doesn’t get set up, there would be more and more tragedies that stemmed from the difficulties the caretakers are weathering every single day…

a graph, showing the facilities with the maximum number of residents, and how it’s still, increasing…from online…






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