Another Sort of Relationship Among the Ladies

The closeness of a group of girlfriends here, translated…

Awhile back, I’d thumbed across “Us Sisters Five”, I felt warm for a long time, and I felt envious; and having grown up alone by myself, I’d wanted to share, my “alternative sort” of sisterly relation.

Although I have three younger brothers, but, as the eldest sister, as the boys flipped over the walls, chasing the rain and the wind, none of that, I’d gotten the chance to experience, because I was a girl; my mother has a quick-to-react temperament, and, I couldn’t expect her to be gentle one bit. And, the daughter I’d given birth to, with high hopes of having a girly girl grew up, and majored in the engineering majors, and so, my dreams of having my daughter dressed up in pink, pulling on my pants, had been, bust.

從小就孤單長大的我,也來分享一下我的「另類姊妹情緣」。 圖/黃鼻子from the papers…

And yet, just like in Forrest Gump, “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get!”, as I had the opportunity to switch tracks, I was blessed, to finally, have a group of sisters, and they are all, very outstanding with special talents too.

Huang is very thoughtful, knew the needs of everybody by heart, we’d called her eldest. She’d encouraged us all, to cook for our families, she’d even prepared for the produces for us all herself.

Huei is very intelligent, and we could consult her on stocks and options, housing, mutual funds, everything on finances.

Chih, because of her family, she has the experiences of interacting with the older and younger generations, she’s someone I’d consult when I have troubles.

Rong is excellent in accounting, very good at budgeting, whether it be outings, meals, shopping, or the expenses of our collective funds, she’d managed well. Once after a gathering, there were changes made from what we’d paid, and we’d all said, “donate it all!”, but, she’d collected the coins, counted them, and made an order for a small pizza for all of us to share.

Pearl, who’s optimistic and very assertive, would speak up and out when there’s something she felt wasn’t quite right, and she’d immediately gone to the executives to speak, and, we’d needed to, help halt her from time to time.

As for Bea, she’s small-framed, but quite agile, she was able-bodied can tilled up the land to plant the yams, and she’s “artistic” enough too, baked the cakes, breads, and, everybody who’d had her cooking had nothing but good things to say.

Jade, who’s romantic in nature, once she’d gotten the motivations to chase something, even if it’s riding on that pass for thousands of kilometers, she’d not wavered one bit.

sharing some fun time together, NOT my photo…

Ling who’s a nine-to-five worker, is intelligent and quick-to-react, and combined with the phrases used online, analyzed the events very well, and had made us laugh a lot.

Ru, who’s very quick and gentle, in the gatherings, before we could no longer eat another bite, because we’re all, stuffed, she’d already, cleaned off the plates.

As for me? If someone cooks, then, I’d, eaten gladly; if someone analyzes the situations, I’d listened tentatively; when someone told a joke, I’d, laughed loudly. Time and time again, no matter if we’d gathered at restaurants, or gone outdoors, I’d just, sat steady at a corner, and cherished our relationships.

“say Cheese”!  Not my darwing…

So, there are the various roles that people would take up in a group, and, these women are very closely connected to each other, they shared common interests, shared their thoughts, gave each other sound advices and, they make up a good group of friends!



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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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