She’d Taken a Bankrupted Company and Rebuilt it Back Up, Making a Reputation for Herself in the Realm of Aromatherapy

How this woman turned her company around, a story of inspiration, from the Newspapers, translated…

The company “Aromate”, which was set up in 1996, only used to manufacture the scented air fresheners for cars, back then, the owner of the company was having financial difficulties, so he’d taken the assets and run off, the manager of sales, Chih-Juan Huang didn’t feel right, that the foreign markets would be gone, so, she’d selected the members of her own team, gave the company a brand new name, and started operating the company herself, and now, ninety-nine percent of what is manufactured by the company were all, exported, and she’d set up the very first tourist attraction aromatherapy factory in the country, and made the Aromate company reputable.

睿澤企業「亞洛美精靈國度」,是國內首間香氛產品觀光工廠。 記者林麒瑋/攝影this, is the storefront that this woman had set up, photo courtesy of…

The Deputy Mayor of Hsinbei City, Yeh stated, that the “Arommate Wonderland” is the twenty-seventh reformed traditional factory into tourist attraction sights, at the same time, it’d instilled the famous pottery culture of Yingge into the settings, getting the products more relatable to the locals, thus, making what is produced and manufactured by the company more varied.

A little over four years ago, Huang was given a bottle of essential oil extracted from pomelos grown in Hualien, she’d tracked down the sources, and found, that behind the essential oils, there was the tragic tale of how the fruit farmers had to weather through the typhoons, and in order to help the fruit farmers, she’d bought ALL the fruits that the wind blew off the trees, and extracted essential oils from them, and started the thought of setting up a tourist factory at the time as well.

Tracing her step to entrepreneurship for the last twenty-one years, Huang stated, that the hardest part of starting her own factory was that a lot of the production teams had, moved out, causing there to be a severing of the productions, so, she’d held multiple meetings with the production chain manufacturers, and worked really hard, she was, finally, able to find a way that works in everybody’s favors.

睿澤企業總經理黃祺娟。 記者林麒瑋/攝影the C.E.O. with a product her company makes, photo courtesy of…

So, this woman set up her goals, and worked, relentlessly toward her goal, and she’d faced difficulties, sure, but she’d not allowed those dents in the road block her from achieving her goals, and, it’s because of how she’d persisted, that, was why and how, she was able, to finally become, successful.








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