The Man Who Murdered the Pimp for Not Getting Paid Enough Received 25 Years in Prison

Difference between life-in-prison & the death penalty, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A driver, Wu-Chang felt displeased at how the owner of a call station, Hsieh, and his girlfriend, Wu had, taken too much of his wages for themselves, he’d strangled them both to death, then, took the bodies to Alishan to dump, at his first trial, the judge gave him life in prison, yesterday, at the Highest Court, he’d received a twenty-five-year sentence. Hsieh’s family criticized, “a twenty-five-year sentence, wouldn’t it be too lenient, for murdering two people?”, the verdict stated, that Wu-Chang’s motives for murder was sympathized on, that “he was different compared to Jie Cheng and Wen-Ching Tseng.”

Wu and Hsieh, the owner of the call station, were cohabiting lovers when they were living, they’d hired Wu’s classmate, Wu-Chang as a “driver”, to take the call girls to have sex with the customers. Wu-Chang, in order to work, took out a loan for a used car for $30,000N.T. from Hsieh, which Hsieh took out of his pay, and he was displeased at how Hsieh and Wu treated him like their servant, and hiked up the interests on what he’d borrowed.

Wu-Chang was unhappy at how Wu told his girlfriend that he “Works as a driver”, and planted illegal substance on him, said that he was dealing drugs, causing his girlfriend’s parents to be against the two of them dating. Wu-Chang wanted to quit working as the driver, Hsieh asked him to pay up the money for the car, and threatened him, “if you don’t, wait and see what happens to you”, Wu mocked him, that if he couldn’t pay up the loans, “I’ll ask your girlfriend to sell too”, that, was what caused him to want to kill them both.

On June 5, 2014, Wu-Chang waited until they were both passed out from drinking, he’d, strangled them both with a USB cord, then, dumped their bodies at Alishan, and returned to the scene of the crime, and set a fire, set the scene up like there was a quarrel between the two lovers.

At his first trial, Wu-Chang was sentenced to life in prison for murder, and that he’d needed to pay the families of the deceased a total of $11.08 million N.T.s During the trial of the Higher Courts, Wu-Chang’s mother and older sister begged on his behalf, said that he was physically abused by his father since he was a young child, but every year during celebration or the New Year’s, he’d still returned back to the hometown, to get involved in the tribal ceremonies, that he was following the teachings of filial piety.

The Collectivist Courts, took the diagnoses by the Changgang Hospital in Chiayi, that Wu-Chang didn’t grow up with family support, was socialized too young, that he’d lacked the opportunities to learn and grow in a positive way, that he was only twenty-one when he’d murdered, that there’s still chance of reforming him. On the charges of murdering two people, he was given fourteen years each, and will be serving a full twenty-five years before being able to get paroled.

And so, this man murdered people, because he felt wronged, and, because of how he was socialized when he was growing up, that’s made him, more susceptible, to the claims of others from outside of him, and he had a low emotional control too, that, was why he’d lost it, and ended up, murdering two people that he knew.


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