My Nephew’s Readiness for Preschool

readiness for preschool 的圖片結果not my picture…

And nope, this kid, is, NOWHERE N-E-A-R ready for school yet, seeing how young he is when they (the adults) sent him to go to school, translated…

My four-year-old nephew is a naughty, misbehaving child, who’d made it hard, for my mother, who’s his caretaker.  Plus, seeing how her neighbor next-door didn’t have grandchild duty, she’s so free, and mom was envious of her.  So, after a family discussion, the family decided, that this misbehaving child should go to school earlier, that would give my mother some free time to herself.

Although, we’d done our best, and tried preparing my nephew early for school, but, on his first day, he’d turned timid.  “Grandma, why can’t you stay with me?”  “I can’t!  I need to go home to take care of the house!”, this was, the conversation that happened every single day.  Although my mother’s excuse was quite lousy, but, for some unknown reasons, the kid agreed with the beliefs that someone needs to go and take care of the house.  And so, despite how upset he’d felt of her leaving him at school, with tears, out of the corners of his eyes, he’d still, let go, and watched his grandma leave, all, teary-eyed.

Several days later, when we thought he should be adapted, he’d felt that he’d “had enough”.  That day he woke up, handed his backpack to mom, told her, “Grandma, you go to school today, and I’ll take care of the house for you.”  My mother didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.  “Fine, grandma will go to school.  You had better not cry after I leave you all alone!”  Mom acted angry, carried his backpack out.

readiness for preschool 的圖片結果not my picture still…

Hidden outside the doors, she’d thought after the kid starts to cry, she’ll get him to school then.  But, there came, laughter, from the inside of the house, with the sound from the cartoon, “Tigger”, sounding off.  She pushed through the door, saw how the kid had, brushed away the gloom he was under, laughing happily to the T.V.  Mom went soft then, told us, “Maybe, starting kindergarten at four is too young, he should, start school at age five.”

And, just like that, my nephew’s first attempt at going to school became, a total bust, and my mom’s freedom, just like the monthly charge we’d paid for his preschool, both became, “nonrefundable”.

This, is on the readiness to go to school for children, and, because parents these days have to work, most of them overlooked the fact that their young may NOT be ready to get schooled, but this wasn’t the case thankfully, besides, children should have the freedoms to do what they want to, in the earlier years of their lives, after all, after they started school, everything will come, tumbling down, with loads of homework, tests to prepare for, and NO more time for leisure, so, why not, let the kid just, enjoy his freedom for now, and besides, four years old, is too young to start school anyway………

and, call this, a “check list” if you will, found online…


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