To Protect His Own Mother from Being Abused by His Father, He’d Killed His Father, the Neighbors & the Relatives are All Speaking on His Behalf

This, is the end result, of long-term abuse, tragic, truly!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Chen, because his father had abused his mother long-term, and threatened to kick them both out of the house, he was suspected of attacking his father’s head with scissors and an ashtray, the father died on the way to the hospital.  His mother and relatives begged on his behalf, the D.A. of Pingdong charged him with murdering his own kin yesterday.  The D.A. thought, he’d murdered his own father, to protect his mother, and he did, turn himself in, asked the judge to be more lenient in sentencing.

The D.A. stated, that Chen (age 28), during July of last year, because his father became verbally abusive toward his mother, called her bad names, made false accusations toward her, he’d, stood up for her, and started a serious verbal altercation with him.  They’d started beating on one another; Chen lost control, picked up the ashtray, bashed his father’s head with it, used scissors and attacked his father’s neck and head.  Chen’s father bled to death, afterwards, he’d, turned himself in.

The neighbors, his school instructors, classmates, went to vouch for his character in their testimonies, said he was a more-than-fitting son, that after he graduated from college, he’d stayed at home to help.  Early in the morn, he’d started preparing for the food served in the evenings when the restaurant owned by his family opens, that he got less than five hours of sleep a day, and had to put up with the verbal abuse and insults from his own father regularly.  “Where, can you find a kid like that?”, the neighbors told, that it was probably how he’d lived under his father’s abuse for so long, that finally, he couldn’t, take it anymore, they all asked the D.A. to give him another chance to start over again.

The D.A. thought, Chen bore witness to his father’s abuse on his mother starting at a very young age, lived under great duress; although he’d murdered his next-of-kin, he would normally get life in prison or the death penalty, but seeing how he was trying to protect his own mother, and performed well in school, the D.A. recommended a less severe punishment.  Everyone who knew Chen was grateful for the D.A.’s recommendations and ho9ped the judge can rule more leniently, so he can fulfill his filial piety duties toward his own mother again.

So, this still just showed, how a person is bound to CRACK, living under such great pressures, of watching his own mother getting abused regularly by his father, and, he’d acted out of anger, as each and every time his mother was hurt by his father, it’d, hurt him too, and, in that solitary moment in time, everything was, lashed out, but, because he was trying to defend his mother, and he has a good character, performed well in school, everybody who knew him spoke on his behalf…


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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