The Doctor Whose Blood Was Spilled on an UA Flight, Had a Broken Nose, Concussion, and Broken Teeth

From the recent goings-on in the U.S., on racial profiling, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The attorney hired by David Dao said that UA dragging David Dao off of the passenger flight, spoke through his attorney on the 13th, that although the incident may not have been due to racial profiling, but, compared to how in 1975, when Dao escape from Vietnam, being treated so violently was “way more horrid, compared to escaping out of Vietnam”.

Crystal Dao-Pepper, David Dao’s daughter held a press conference with two attorneys in Chicago on the 13th, the attorney said, that David Dao, who was released from the hospital on the evening of the 12th is at a secretive location in Chicago, recuperating, in the incident, he’d suffered a serious concussion, had his front teeth broken, fractured his nose, and may need plastic reconstruction surgery, he was hurt both psychologically AND physically, and he may be suing UA who’d been “continually bullying us”, to get justice.

daughter of david dao ua, crystal 的圖片結果the daughter in a press conference held by the attorney, photo from online…

The attorney said, that David Dao escaped by boat out of Vietnam in 1975, right before Saigon was taken over by the communists, the trials back then left a deep imprint on him, and, having been violently abused and DRAGGED out of the flight, “It was, more horrid compared to the escape from Vietnam”.

The attorney also denied the claims of the CEO of UA’s claims on the 12th that “I’d attempted to contact Dr. David Dao, but was unsuccessful in it”, the attorney said, that to date, the UA, as well as members of the Chicago local government hadn’t even contacted David yet, that waiting until Dao had made a full recovery, he will speak to the press, about exactly what had happened on that day.

Dao’s daughter in the press conference thanked the world for showing care and concerns toward her father, that what happened to her father, should NOT happen to anybody else, under ANY circumstances.

yup, still happening today!  Not my artwork..

As for the Washington Post on reporting what a fellow passenger, Bridges heard Dao claimed, that he was picked because of his Asian looks, the press asked Dao’s daughter if he was a Chinese person born in Vietnam, or if he was, Vietnamese?  Pepper answered, “My parents were both born in Vietnam”, but, she was unsure, if her grandparents had, originated from China or not.  As for whether or not her father stated, “I’m brutalized because I’m Asian”, the daughter said, “I’m not sure on that”.  The attorney also told, that he’d needed to look more into that as well.

So, an Asian man was, pulled off a flight, because of his skin color, and, the airlines could’ve asked the man nicely, treated him more humanely, but they didn’t, instead, they’d resorted, to barbaric measures, having the airline police DRAGGED him off, and, in the process, the man was injured, and, naturally, because he felt targeted, and so, he has every single right to sue!


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