She Was a Three-Character Chameleon, and Managed to Scam a Divorced Woman Over Millions of Dollars

A scam artist at work, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A falsified rich woman, Weng introduced her “fake uncle” to a divorced woman, Hong, scammed her almost $27 million N.T.s using various excuses, it’d made Hong wire money from her own account over the course of four years.  Two years ago, Hong discovered that Weng’s older brother was still alive, that, was when she realized she had been, scammed. The Shihlin District Courts considered that although Weng did admit to scam using various reasons and false personas, but had not yet apologized or given the money back, they’d sentenced her to six years in prison for the forty-seven counts of fraud and for the other one-and-a-half years, she could pay $545,000N.T. to get out of serving the time.

not waht it seems to be, is it???  Not my photo…

The forty-eight-year-old Weng lives luxuriously, in a mansion in Beitou, sends her daughter to a high-end private school, she’d scammed the wife of the C.E.O. of Bread Pro, Jiang, for $30 million N.T.s, was sentenced to NINE years for that.  She’d learned about how rich Hong became after the divorce, and planned to scam her too.

Weng claimed to Hong she owns TWO high-end residences, that she’s inheriting land worth over billions, to gain Hong’s trust, then, matchmade her with her “uncle”, her good friend, to Hong, but, both of these characters were, made up personas, and Weng played both parts.  Through e-mails and IM, she’d contacted Hong, or used the voice changers to call her up.

Although Hong has never met the “fake uncle”, she’d still fallen for “him”.  Between 2011 and 2015, Weng used an assortment of reasons, to borrow money from Hong, asked her to wire the amounts into her daughter’s, as well as her mother’s accounts.

a chart of the stats, from online…

Of these incidences, Weng cried to Hong about how her older brother was in critical condition, died, that she didn’t have enough money to bury him, and used the uncle’s name and wrote her, “My nephew isn’t well, the entire family is under great duress.  I’d lost my son and need your console.”  “I miss you, seeing my nephew off, mourning for his death”, it’d made Hong wired her close to TWO MILLION dollars, to help pay for the funeral processions.

After Weng’s scams were discovered, she’d still took up the identity of Lin, told Hong she needed money to get the media reports.  Two years ago, Hong found that Weng’s older brother is still alive, realized she’d been scammed, but over the course of FOUR years, she’d already wired 261 times, with the amount summing up to $26,287,000N.T.s.

And, had this woman NOT wised up, can you imagine how much MORE money she would’ve lost?  This still just shows, how easy, it is, to SCAM someone, to play toward their sense of sympathies, and, because the woman was too lonely, she’d, fallen for it.


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