Leaving His Newborn Son Asleep on a Bed All Alone, the Infant Died

A death, caused by neglect, and the inexperience of first-time father, who’d taken the advice of the “experts”, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A first-time father, Tsai followed advice in the parenting book, “The 100-Year-Old Doctor’s Way of Childrearing”, which mentioned how parents should train infants to be independent from infancy, just leaving them to cry on their own, that after infants got used to crying, they’ll adjust to it, and calm themselves down and become independent from then on out, and that, was why he and his wife left their son, all alone, asleep in the nursery.  The beliefs of the book were that “Children who cry to get attention would become unsatisfied, and harder to love, “If you don’t allow your babies to cry today, they will, make you cry tomorrow!”  “If you leave the baby to cry, s/he will start to feel more secure, and there’s no harm that can come from that.”

found online…

The twenty-five-year-old Tsai works in the military had a newborn son with his wife just this January.  They’d taken the advice from “The One-Hundred-Year-Old Doctor’s Way of Childrearing Practices”, they’d even bought a specialty crib which was tested to reduce the death rates of infants, and placed the infant in the next room to theirs, and when their son cried, they’d ignored him.  On the evening of February 26, after Tsai gave his son a bottle, he’d placed him in his crib with the backside up.

The next morn, as Tsai woke and went to feed his son, he’d discovered that the infant wasn’t breathing, he had, died.  Based off of the understanding, the coroner’s report, as well as the hospital examination reports, it’d all pointed out, how Tsai shouldn’t have, left his young son to sleep in a room by himself.

After the D.A. examined the facts, they’d believed, that Tsai should have watched his son more closely, as infants that young may move around, causing their bodies to become mispositioned, getting covered up by the quilts and suffocate, with NO adults close by to watch over him, but, taking into considerations how Tsai was overcome with grief and admitted to negligence, and the infant’s mother not wanting to press charges, they’d, dropped the case against him.

a child this young is very fragile, therefore, parents MUST be very attentive to her/him!  Not my photograph…

That, just showed all of you, how WELL the advice of EXPERTS worked, and, because this so-called “expert” probably drew his own childrearing beliefs from raising his own young, and his methods may have worked well with his own children, but, EVERY single child IS different, and, one size still won’t fit ALL, and, an infant HAD died, to MAKE sure that this lesson gets learned, by his own STUPID parents!!!

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