Fix the Adults First, When Children Started Showing Signs of Developmental Troubles

From the Front Page Sections, written by a pediatrician, translated…

As I’d worked in my own office and gone to visit the schools, the teachers often complained about how hard the children are to teach these days, that they can’t scold them, or use physical punishments on them, that the parents were, spoiling their young rotten, that some of the parents would even, sue the school teachers.  And the parents complained that they have troubles, getting through the teachers, that the teachers were biased about their young, that they’d, humiliated them, causing the tension between the school instructors and the parents.  The children complained about how mean the teachers are, how the punishments were, too severe, that they’d needed to, wake up for school too early, that they were treated, unfairly in school, etc., etc., etc.

Inappropriately disciplining the children will cause an effect on the development of the young child’s mind, to the extent of affecting their social skills, as well as how well they do in the futures.  There are children who couldn’t figure out the answer to a-half and a-third added together in middle school now, and, they’re told to learn the algebraic equations of A+B=C; the teachers failed to explain what the letters stood for, so naturally, the students have NO ideas what they are, which caused them to hate math.  In the clinics, we see a lot of these cases, I’d felt sorry for the students, the teachers wouldn’t put anything into teaching, and the kids couldn’t understand the lessons, and, at six in the morn, they’d set out on the busses to school, not having enough rest, sitting in a class with the instructors speaking in gibberish, it surely, is difficult, on these developing teens.

Through the sessions of my clinic, I saw how some instructor used their instincts and experiences, without ANY forms of scientific proofs, to teach their students, and, some of these teachers are, emotionally troubled themselves, with little knowledge of the subjects they’re teaching in.  The parents are, without backgrounds in chemistry, thought that they could teach the children themselves, or, handed their kids off to the instructors at the afterschool programs to handle, they have, absolutely NO clue on how to teach their young, and, relied solely, on the experiences that they had, the advices of their friends and families, or from online sources, modeling after others, or one’s own upbringing, to teach their children, without ANY considerations of how the children may have a different style of learning and what-not, some of the parents, ARE the sources of the problems.

The main problems of the students comprised of not getting enough sleep, causing them to not be able to focus, developing emotional and behavioral difficulties, let alone, learning, these brains which are still developing, without the proper environments, and the external helps, naturally, they couldn’t, possibly, acquire the skills they would need, to keep themselves fed, which would, in turn, cause more trouble for the society in the future.

I’d met students who did extremely well in their studies in middle school, who’d gone up north for their high school careers, but, because they weren’t provided with a safe and comfortable environment to live and to learn in, some started developing schizophrenia, some dropped out, and some couldn’t make high enough grades on their exams, which proved, that unless the children’s most basic needs are, filled, there wouldn’t be room for them, to think about anything else.

Children’s behavioral issues are mostly brought on by the environment, so when the children came to me to get these problems treated, sometimes, these problems were, caused by the adults: the parents, AND the teachers, so naturally, I’d had to, treat the adults first.

And, the expert (a PEDIATRICIAN???) dissected the problems that surfaced in children, with the root cause being ADULTS, because adults are placing too much pressures on their young, even IF the pressures aren’t seen, they will always, be felt, because that, is EXACTLY how sensitive children are, and yet, the adults are too STUPID to even realize what they’re doing to their young, and they just, keep on, hurting them, until one day, everything becomes, totally, and completely, IRREPARABLE!


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