The Actor, O, Who’d Never Delivered Goat’s Milk as a Part-Time Gig

Lessons offered to us, by those we interact with from a regular basis is shown here, translated…

I’d worked in a film, produced by students (the graduation projects for film majors), and met the actor, O.  Even though he was only a year older than I, he’d looked, more weathered; he’d once, worked odds and ends jobs, to take care of his family, because of a tragedy that hit them hard.  He’d told me, other than delivering goat’s milk, he’d done everything else.  A few years ago, he’d come back, to the movie industries, and started working on the production crews.  Until recently, he’d finally, gotten, the opportunity to return to the front of the screens, he’s favorite job.  As for me, I got connected with him, because the student filmmakers told me, that O is one of the actors they’d casted in their productions, so, without thinking too much, I’d, agreed to partake in their film project too.  O was impressive in his performances.  I was interested in how he was willing to be in a student production, also, looking to, starring opposite of him.

“So, we’d accepted this gig, for the same reasons then?”, I’d asked.

“Yup, because of you, I’d, agreed, to play the part,” he’d told me.

“Nope, they’d said you agreed, that, was why I said yes.”

“Yeah, whatever you say is right!”

We’d only worked for four days together, but we’d, interacted very closely, the first time we’d chatted, we’d returned to our old joking ways.  For the following three days, the hours were long, and so, naturally, we’d, helped each other through the grind, by making fun of one another.

My willingness for going into a student production film was, that I’d hoped, to give what I can, to help the younger generations out.  When I was just starting out, I’d wanted to learn, and if there were those in the industry who were, willing, to help me, who had more experiences in acting, I would’ve, gotten my increase in experiences more quickly.  Or maybe, we’re both glad, that despite the trials, we were both, able to, get to the spot where we can, offer someone else the values of our own experiences.  The students who were filming were just beginning to learn to cope with the difficulties, and, we’d only, lent them a helping hand, at the right time—the improvisations on set, is the most basic skill in filming, and discovering, that would be, the rights of the students, and all we can do, is point out the opportunities to them.  I’d asked O, wouldn’t that be a bit cruel?  He’d told me, that it’s the survival of the fittest, that if the students don’t realize this sooner, they would find themselves, in deeper water later.

“Sometimes, I’d felt, that my experiences had turned me into a total pragmatist,” I’d told him.

“You couldn’t have weathered through more trials than I had.  Besides, aren’t we living in reality?  Otherwise, are we, living, in our dreams, all day long then?”

“Joke’s on me then.”

“The more serious it gets, the more we’d required that sense of humor, that way, we’d see, the point.  Compared to the criticisms, it would be, more interesting, to ponder about why people would interpret things differently compared to us.”

“Can you imagine yourself in five years?”

“I like myself right now, and cherish my past experiences very much.  I don’t have enough time to think about the present, let alone, the future.”

Meeting O made me more certain, that the trained and mature performers understood the importance of living in the moment.  They live as the characters they portrayed in their real-life, truly, lived out the moments of their roles.  Don’t know how much real-life moments, went into the portrayals of the roles.

If I bump into O again in the next five years, I’d asked him, “Hey, do you remember me?”  He would certainly stand farther off, higher, steadier, waving his hands, “Are you kidding me?  Of course I remember you, it’s been, a long time.”

So, the two individuals here work in the same industries, but one is more experienced, because he’d worked for longer, and, the narrator gained insights on herself, with each and every encounter she’d shared, with this fellow performer, and that just shows, how everybody CAN be and IS a “classroom”, LIVE!







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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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