Deadlocked, in This UNEVEN Romance

I feel so trapped, so helpless, in this romance, I mean, he was, very nice at the very start, but, as we’d begun dating, I’d started, noticing those subtle signs of his overly possessive nature.

There’s that café where I’d gone to get my morning coffees before work, once, he’d surprised me there, and, he saw me talking to the barista, smiling, telling him thanks, for my coffee, and, he’d, pulled me outside, and started ranting on how I don’t love him enough, that that, was why I’m, smiling, and flirting with another man, but, how was THAT flirting? I was, only being courteous, after all, he works there, and I’m a regular customer!!!

yup, that, is what it feels like…NOT my comic…

And, there was that time, I was in a meeting at work, when my phone started buzzing, I’d turned it off, so it wouldn’t, disrupt the discussion that my boss was having with us, then, after the meeting, I’d gone back to my desk, and, there he was, looking ALL red and angered, started grilling me on how little he’d mattered to me, how he wasn’t important enough to me, that maybe, we should just, break up completely! I’d had to, calm him down, soothe him, and, assure him, again, and again, that nothing WAS wrong with “us”, that I couldn’t take his call, because the boss called a meeting.

Then, this, was the STRAW that finally, BROKE the camel’s back, it was my grandmother’s ninetieth birthday, we had a whole weekend out, and, because I don’t want any interruptions to me, focusing on celebrating my grandmother’s birthday for her, I’d, left the phone at home, and when I came back, my voice mail was so jammed up, then, he called, to GRILL me about, NOT picking up when he called, but, hello, hello, hello? I didn’t even HAVE my phone!

And, that was when I realized, how uneven this romance was, and, I’d, wanted to, break up, then, came the threats of him, killing himself, and he’d gone to my office, to threaten to commit suicide in front of me, and everybody else I worked with, so yeah, I’d, put off, breaking up…and, I’m still, trying to find a way, to let him down easy here………

That, would be how it goes, because the LOSER (‘cuz that, was what this “made-up” dude was???) kept using emotional blackmail, to coerce the other “party” (my BAD!!!) into being in the relationship, and by the time this woman figured it out, she’d wanted to cut the ties, but, she would, have a HELL of a time doing so, because she’d enabled his bad behaviors, of allowing her to keep getting emotionally blackmailed by him!

And, this can still end, VERY badly………


About taurusingemini

All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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