Her Husband Was Caught in a Honey Trap, and She Worries There’s No End

A woman, is once again, wiping her CHEATNING husband’s ASS here, I wonder W-H-Y, a Q&A, translated…

Q: Other than coping with how her husband cheated on her, she’d still needed to worry about someone blackmailing them……

Mrs. A, who’s married with two daughters wrote, said that her husband works in a public office position, and works away from home all year long, after she was pregnant shortly after she wed, she’d quit her job, and focused her whole heart on the family. Although the husband is slow-to-feel, but they were in love, and were married, with the basis in love, and, although they’d not seen one another often, they’d kept in touch throughout. In A’s mind, she’d never imagined that her husband may have done something immoral. But, at the end of last year, after her husband came home, he’d become not himself, in a daze, and after she’d pressed him to tell, she’d learned, that he’d slept with two women from a dating website.

The first woman was divorced, but because they didn’t get along that well, they’d broken up shortly; the second female he’d met online, is not really single, she’d told him that her husband had an affair, and that they’d decided to stay married, but without any connection, and back then, her husband wasn’t in Taiwan, she’d taken him home to have sex with him. But, three days afterwards, the woman called him, told him that her husband found out about them through the spycam he’d installed inside their home, he was furious, and the husband planned to report the incident to A’s husband’s workplace, but, she’d begged him not to, and he’d, changed his mind, told that if her husband paid them fifty million dollars, then, he would let it go.

A’s husband told the woman’s husband, that he was only an office worker, that he needed to care for his two young children, there wasn’t any money. And, after they’d bartered again, and again, and again, the man was willing to drop to just two hundred thousand dollars, but, there’s not that much at home either, and this sort of shameful business, he can only ask his siblings to help him out. And, although A was nearly completely broken by her husband’s infidelity, but, this pressing matter was at hand, and so, she’d let him off the hook, for now. And, they’d also worried, that the woman and her husband may blackmail them a second, third, and, even MORE times afterwards, and, A just couldn’t come up with a solution for all of this mess that her husband had gotten himself in.

A My Advice

Most of the extortionist who’d used the methods of honey traps usually does it again, and again. I believe, that in order, to STOP being blackmailed, you need to eliminate your weaknesses: retire early. Although your child is still quite young, and you may need to find another job later, but, it’s, better than living in constant fear. Although this is NOT the best option, but, I believe, that if you take my suggestions, then, you will forever, UPROOT the problem for good, A can discuss this with her husband.

And so, we still have, a LOSER who’d done something wrong, and needed his own wife to WIPE his sorry ass, and, if I were his wife, I’d just, let him BURN, but, this woman couldn’t, because, for starters, her husband DID admit to cheating on her (and that is what??? A sign of his heart, still with you???), besides, their children are still not old enough yet, and this woman surely didn’t want the kids to grow up without a father (uh, you’ve GOT to be SHITTING me here!!!), and, that, is why this woman found herself, in this jam, and, it seemed, that money would be the ONLY way to resolve this issue, but, how far, and how much, are you, willing, to dig into this HOLE, huh???


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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