A Middle-School Aged Student Was Chained Up by His Own Father, He’d Dragged the Chains Around His Ankles Went from Yilan to Hsinbei, to Ask His Grandmother to Help Him

Because this father is PSYCHO??? From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man was accused to lock his own son up by his limbs using handcuffs and chains during the Chinese New Year’s, to restrict the fourteen-year-old’s movement; the youth broke free from the handcuff, and dragged the chains on his ankles and rode the trains up to Hsinbei City to beg his own grandmother for help, and, the fire department had cut off the chains and the cuffs for him. Later on, the adolescent’s grandmother took him to report this to the police, and the police helped the teen filed for a restraining order against his father.

Based off of police investigations, the youth said that it was because his father was displeased at how he’d left home to move in with his grandmother, that he took the advantage of him returning home to Yilan, and, chained him up; and because his wrists were smaller, he was able to break free, and waited until his father was asleep, then, he’d escaped home, dragging the chains along.

But, the Yilan County government pointed out, that the man had been in physical conflicts with his son for long, during last year, the father was reported for being improper in disciplining; the youth moved from Yilan to Hsinbei City with his grandparents, then, commuted to Yilan for school daily.

Last summer, the youth went to the carnival and had a fight with a guard at the pools, and they’d sued each other; and at the end of January, the case was in session, and plus, it was almost the New Year’s, and the adolescent’s father asked him to move back in, and, the two of them fought again.

On January 29, the father and son argued, based off of the father’s claims, the adolescent grabbed a golf club when they were fighting; and afterwards, he’d chained up his own son’s ankles, to restrict his movement. Based off of understanding, the adolescent’s father told the police he wanted a restraining order too, but, he’d not filed it with the court systems.

The Hsinbei City’s Social Services Department stepped into the case, and had notified the school, so the official will keep an eye on the wellbeing of the teenager. Since the teen moved in with his grandmother, he’d been doing much better, no longer being threatened by his own father.

So, another DEADBEAT father who’d hurt his own young, and believe that I’m doing this for your own good, and, how many parents ARE there, using the excuse of “it’s for your own good”, to ABUSE their children out there? I don’t know, ‘cuz, I’d, lost TRACK!!!


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