An Office Teacher Beaten Up an Alternative Service Individual, the School Had Fired Him

This is all due to the spreading of a little rumor! From the Newspapers, translated…

There was a violent incident in the simple and plain background of Kinmen! A married office teacher, Wu was suspected of getting upset of the rumors spread by an alternative service individual, that he was having an affair with an unwed female instructor, two days ago, he was suspected of using a stick, to BEAT on the alternative service individual, causing him to have lacerations on his head, the school held its disciplinary hearing, and after discussing the matter, they’d quickly FIRED Wu.

The school stated, that Wu who was from Taiwan, in August, became a substitute math instructor, and because recently, there had been, words of how he was interacting too closely with another female substitute instructor, he suspected that it was his dorm room neighbor, the alternative service term server, who’s spread the words, he was displeased, in the early hours two mornings again, he took a bat, and beat him up, causing the alternative service member to have a laceration wound on his head of up to eight centimeters, and injured both his arms as well.

The manager of student discipline of the middle school, Hsu claimed, that when the school visited the alternative serviceman in the hospital, he’d told them, that he’d NOT spread ANY words out, that Mr. Wu mistook him. Toward how the school’s teacher beating an alternative serviceman up, it’d caused the school’s reputation to be damaged, the school immediately called up a disciplinary meeting, and fired the instructor, based off of the rules and regulations of being a school instructor.

not my animation…

The head of the Department of Education, Lee also spoke against the violence and stated, that the school does NOT tolerate any FORMS of violence, and had asked the school to take legal measures against it, and asked the school to provide further counseling to both parties.

The police said, that as they’d received the calls, they’d rushed to the school, because the cases of assault are processed based off the charges, and because the victim showed NO intentions of suing; but, if he decided to press charges, everything will be done, through the legal proceedings.

This still just showed, how easily someone can lose it, and, the man can just ignore the rumors, but he didn’t, and, ACTED on his anger, and, so, whoever threw the FIRST punch gets found, GUILTY here!!!

and this, is how it all starts, with exchanges of some bad words with each other!  Not my photograph…


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