Enjoying Living Separately from My Husband

This had become, trending these days, for the conveniences for both the husband AND the wife! Translated…

Because of work, my husband and I live in separate cities. From Monday to Friday, we both worked hard at our separate jobs, and only when the weekends rolled around, were we able to find time to get together. Our friends and relatives who don’t know us well had thought we’d gotten divorced already, or that something’s up with our love, without realizing, that this way of life, had made us sweeter to one another.

something that someone drew, to represent this Japanese concept, from online…

One day last year, a best friend told me, that she envied how I’m living my life in the marriage, that I can be without ANY interferences, and live freely. That, was the very first time I’d heard the term of “married, but living separately”. I’d looked up the terms online, it was a term, coined by the Japanese writer, Yumiko Yamada: and it means, living one’s own life, but continuing in maintaining the status of being married to one another. It’d, dawned on me, that I am, a frontierswoman of this idea, that I am, at the forefront of the times.

My husband and I live in the regions, even in the same district, and, living separately, was, what we’d, agreed upon. After we were married, we’d bought a small apartment together, and, waiting until we’d made enough money, we’d, planned to buy a three-and-a-half story mansion. The small apartment I am living in, although it’s not that spacious, but, it’s, close to where I work, only a five-minute walk away, but, if I move in with my husband, then, it would, take me, more than half an hours’ ride to commute; although he’d told me that he could drive me, but, it’d be, too stressful for him.

We’d lived separately for about five years now, and, we’d, found a way, to maintain this lifestyle, and are both, very comfortable with it, although we’d not gotten the chance to see each other regularly, but, we’d, still maintained close contact with one another.

And, as the weekends or the holidays rolled around, it’s, our DATE night, we would head out for a drive, and, you can find our tracks, all over the places, and, on the evenings, we’d, taken that stroll hand-in-hand, gazing up at the star-filled skies, and, we’d headed to the night markets to stroll every now and then too. We get lost in our conversations, there’s, always a lot of things we can talk about, which replaced how we’d argued like crazy from when we were just wed.

married young couple, but they don’t live together, because of work or some other issues, photo from online…

Sometimes, my husband would even plan a two day one night short trip for us, and I’d, dolled myself up too, like I’m back in the era when I’d first, fallen in love with him, it’s, an alternative kind of bliss.

Although, it feels, good to live separately, but, after I retire, I will, move back in with my husband, under the same roof, to help one another as we get older. Married younger, and becoming companions as we get older together, that, is the best way, to live out a marriage.

So, it didn’t matter how far apart they’d lived from each other, their love was getting better and better, and, by living separately, you’d have the chance of NOT getting into too many extra fights due to differences of beliefs, or differences of opinions, instead, the two of you, would cherish what little time you two have to share together, it’s not a bad idea at all!


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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