Don’t Make the Daughter-in-Law into an Ex-Daughter-in-Law

From one’s own observations, translated…

My older cousin is down-to-earth and honest, as he was going to school, he’d start blushing whenever he saw a girl. I’d originally thought, that because of this character of his, he’ll make a woman really happy one day, but, now, as he’s past midlife, he’d, had an affair. All of us couldn’t believe it, when, did this good-natured man, became, a WIFE-BEATER?

As my cousin’s wife married him, she was, at the prime of her life, although she didn’t come from a rich background, but, her family gave them a mansion in the countryside, plus the earnings of over tens of millions of dollars that the bride had earned from working before they were wed, it’d helped my older cousin, who’d just started working, to work for less than twenty plus years in order to have a good life; and, my cousin’s wife, who’d not behaved like a spoiled woman, right after she was done with her honeymoon, she’d returned BACK to the factories to work, as a factory operator, to help out with the household finances.

This wonderful woman, everybody in the neighborhood had nothing BUT good things to say of her. And, my older cousin’s wife allowed him to have NO worries, so he could work hard, to take the exams to work in a public office, and later on, he did, become a manager of the department like he’d wished he could but, nobody would’ve guessed, how power and money can, corrupt him, he’d, started, having extramarital affairs with other women around him. But, my uncle and my cousin’s wife couldn’t seem, to make him stop, and, the rest of the relatives, other than trying to KNOCK some senses into him, there really isn’t, much else for us to do. But unfortunately, he couldn’t, see it clearly, he’d, wasted his own wife’s love for him.

To tell the truth, when a good family was broken by a third person, the elders shouldn’t keep their mouths shut,, they’d needed to, tell their son right from wrong, and, if the elders chose, to not do anything, then, I’m afraid, that their daughters-in-law, will soon, get turned into their FORMER daughters-in-law.

So, this, is how CHILDISH this LOSER is, he has an amazing wife, and yet, he’s still, DISSATISFIED, and, he’d, screwed UP his own marriage bad, and, because he couldn’t HEAR the elders out, it wouldn’t matter WHAT they say, he just doesn’t get it, and, he will, PAY for breaking UP his own marriage, because, the fault is NOT with the woman, she’s, perfect, based off of what was described here.


About taurusingemini

All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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