A “Couple from a Past Life” Got Married Because of the Words of a Medium, Their Marriage Lasted Only a Little Over a Year Before They Filed for Divorce

Yeah, uh, that still just shows, HOW correct the words of all those, possessed-by-GOD idiots are! From the Front Page Sections, translated…

“You were a husband and a wife from a past life, don’t break your connection up,”, because of the words of a medium, two years ago, a woman named Hsiao couldn’t dare defy the wills of the heavens, married her male friend, Wu. But, they were, without the basis of romantic love, they’d not lived together after they were married, nor interactions with each other, Wu dodged interacting with Hsiao, refused to answer her calls, a little over a year, Hsiao had, finally given up, and, filed for divorce from the courts, which the courts had allowed for.

The verdict showed, that the Hsiao family believed in a certain faith, two years ago, Hsiao’s mother contacted a member of the temple via Facebook, the temple asked the mother to bring her daughter and Wu to visit. The three of them headed over to a certain temple in Shriding, the moment they’d entered the temple, the wife of the man in charge of the temple was overcome with a deity, pointed toward Hsiao and Wu, stated that they were, “a married couple from a past life”, that the two of them marrying, is god’s will.

The medium told Hsiao’s mother, to take her daughter and Wu to get married, “because they were a married couple from a past life, and they’re meant to continue their marriage in this life, don’t break up this good love, if you don’t take them to get registered for marriage, they will, HATE you!” Hsiao’s mother didn’t DARE disobey, and not said anything, at first, Hsiao didn’t have the intentions of being married, but, she’d worried that she may be defying God, so, she’d, gone to the land offices and registered for marriage with Wu.

But, because Wu and Hsiao had NO emotional connection for the basis of their marriage, they’d NOT interacted or lived together under the same roof after they were wed, a year later, Hsiao had filed for divorce with the courts. Wu didn’t show up to court when he was notified, Hsiao’s mother testified, that on the day her daughter was married, NOBODY was in a good mood, and she’d heard Wu complained, “Why must we get registered for this sort of a thing?”

Hsiao’s mother pointed out, that only on their wedding night, did Wu live in the house, he’d arrived late, but left early the next morn, then afterwards, he’d, cut off ALL contacts, “I’d often called him up, but he never picked up.” The courts believed, that they’d only shared a bed on their wedding night, then, Wu had, left, they’d not lived together, they are, strangers, there wasn’t any sign of either one of them willing to keep this marriage up, the divorce was granted.

And, this so-called “comedy” still stemmed from the words of some person who CLAIMED that he was, possessed by a deity, wow, you have, GOT to be SHITTING me here, and, it’s just, unbelievable, how in this DAY and AGE, modern day MAN would still fall for SHITS like that, and, this is a case, where, although “god” was the one, who’d, “mandated” them to get married, but, the marriage lasted, how long again??? Exactly, because there were, NO bases of connection, OR love between the two people, they were only, “following orders”!


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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