There Ought to be Rules Regarding Fire Prevention Regulations in the Long-Term Care Centers

Once again, this accident had, left, MANY dead, and, this, IS the HINDSIGHT that the government draws from this particular experience, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The fire in the Long-Term Care Center in Taoyuan once again, illuminated the issues of fire-related deaths, as Taiwan marked toward the elderly era.

In the long-term-care centers, the nursing homes, along with the elderly care centers, the one thing in common that they all shared was, there’s, a deficiency of equipment that aided to the escapes in case of emergencies, there were those using a walker, a cane, in wheelchairs, those who rely on the ventilators to live off of, and, there is, this varied level of mobility too, and, they all have different specifications of needs in case of emergencies.

a fire that’s destroyed teh nursing home, with many who are injured and deaths too!  Photo from online…

In European and American nations, the nursing homes will group the residents based off of their differences in needs, and, the care provided, and the implementations of safety measures, would be adjusted according to these separate groups’ needs.

Like this fire in Taoyuan, the long-term care center in Hsintien with a fire, the buildings all had the needed equipment put in, for the medical purposes, and, there were, accommodations made for the residents, based off of their varied needs too, but, reflecting, the safety software, weren’t upgraded at all, no wonder, that once there’s a huge fire, there would be, many, who’d lost their lives.

Taiwan is, marching into the aged societies, and so, there’s that need for safety assessment from the government in these places, and, there would be need, to separate into the various levels of assistances needed, to adjust the way the nursing homes are operated, especially on the space usage, the changes needed in the management of allotting the software and hardware; otherwise, this, will still, NOT be the last case of a long-term facility, catching fire, with the residents, ended up dead.

something that every nursing home should have!  from online…

So, there’s, this LACK of equipment, because, long-term care is still somewhat of a new concept, and, the government is still, adjusting, learning as they go, and, because there’s NOT a system that’s already set in place that’s working fine, that, is why god KNOWS how many more will die, before the government finally find a way that works!


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