A Young Girl with One-Layered Eyelids, the Dramas of Life

The young child who you thought was related to you, wasn’t, because your daughter-in-law had an extramarital affair, and now, you’re, forced, to separate yourself, to DETACH, from this young child whom you thought was related to you, but actually wasn’t! Translated…

On the other side of the cell phone, came my eldest sister’s sobbing, “I’d loved my granddaughter so very deeply, we’d been living together for six years now, and now, I’m supposed to, just, cut off those ties? How can I?”, I really have no idea, how to calm her, I’d just felt, that numbness, taking over my skull, and I was, completely, lost.

Tracing the time back to six years ago, my eldest sister happily welcomed in her daughter-in-law, back then, she was already into her first trimester. On the very of her daughter-in-law giving birth, my eldest sister and I rushed to the hospitals, the baby girl was born, with delicate features, with lift at the corners of her eyes, pale white skin. My eldest sister and her husband fought to hold her, like they were, admiring, a piece of artwork, they couldn’t let go of her, back then, my eldest sister’s daughter-in-law asked her, “Mom, are you pleased?”, my eldest sister told her, “This baby looks very nice, I’d love her so! So very much!”

After they returned home from the hospital, my eldest sister started making the chicken soup with wine for her daughter-in-law, and, the young granddaughter was also, growing up, becoming cuter than ever. But, my eldest sister noticed how her daughter-in-law would feed her child while using her cell phone, like she was, so very, focused on her cell phone; she’d thought, that her daughter-in-law didn’t have enough time to rest, and so, she’d carried on the task of looking after her granddaughter completely, loved her dearly, and, patted the child’s back as she fell asleep at night, and she’d also, sung the nursery rhymes to her granddaughter too.

In a blink of an eye, her young granddaughter is already a year old, and, my eldest sister had, bought a Japanese-style outfit with cherry blossom prints, with a red belt, to dress up her young granddaughter for her birthday celebration. As the friends and family saw the young girl, they all commended, “Looks like a Japanese doll!”, and, in the flashes of the camera, nobody paid any attention, to how the young child didn’t have her parents’ dual eyelids.

Then, the young granddaughter started in kindergarten, my eldest sister smiled and told me, that on the first day of school, her granddaughter grabbed tightly onto her skirt, refused to let go, with tears rolling down from the corner of her eyes, it’d made her feel bad and she felt it was funny too, she’d even photographed her granddaughter.

手機那頭傳來大姊的嚶嚶啜泣:「我已疼孫女入心,養隻狗都有感情,何況相處了六年,如...picture from the papers…

She’d thought, that the days of bliss will continue on, but, thunder struck, something major happened. Two days ago, my eldest sister LINED me, that her son learned that her daughter-in-law had cheated on him, with evidence, and, after DNA test, it’d confirmed, that the granddaughter wasn’t her son’s, and, in the future, the young child will probably go back to live with her maternal grandmother, and, my eldest sister’s heart wrenched in pain.

Recalling how when I’d gone to visit at my eldest sister’s house, I’d always seen her daughter-in-law, deep in thought and that high-spirited young child calling me, “Great Auntie”, my heart wrenched. It was, hard for me to imagine, that this seemingly soap opera script had, happened, in real life.

So, this, is the twist and turns of life, you thought the one you’d loved dearly, was related to you, but she wasn’t, and now, as things got busted open, the child will be separated from you, and, the child is still the one who’s sacrificed, in the adults’ mistakes in life.

paternity tests 的圖片結果the results of a paternity test, found online…


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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