A Migrant Worker Tried to Escape from the Abusive Family She Worked for, Fallen from the Fourth Floor Home to Make Her Getaway

Here comes, another case of Horrible Bosses, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A pair of brothers, the Wangs hired an Indonesian female worker to look after their mother, and the three of them were, accused of abusing the woman they’d hired multiple times, the Indonesian worker was beaten until she’d suffered multiple fractures, black and blue, and, the younger of the sibling was also, accused, of sexually molesting the woman, the Indonesian worker had only been working in Taiwan for no more than two months, and had lost nearly thirteen kilograms, she couldn’t take the abuse any longer, wanted to climb downstairs from the balcony of the home she worked in, and she’d, fallen to the first floor; the Shihlin District Attorney’s Office prosecuted the mother and the two sons on charges of laws prohibiting human trafficking, injuries, forging documents, and forced sexual molestation charges.

The indictment pointed out, that Wang’s mother and her two sons had used physical violence because she couldn’t perform the tasks they’d demanded her to, and the Indonesian household aide suffered multiple rib fractures, a broken jaw, bruises all over her body, as well as rhabdomyolysis.

During the month of June of last year, the Indonesian worker could no longer put up with the abuse anymore, she’d attempted to escape, but couldn’t open the door, so, she’d climbed from the fourth floor balcony downward, but her arms couldn’t hold on, and she’d, fallen to the first floor rain roof, she’d carried the injuries, walked onto the roads to ask for help. As a pedestrian saw how badly she’d been injured, the individual helped her to notify the police, and that, was when the Wangs’ abuse of the woman was found out.

The three members of the family however, denied the allegations of abuse, but the D.A.’s investigations found, that the woman weighed 111 pounds before she’d started working in Taiwan, and, as she was taken to the hospitals, her weight dropped to just eighty-eight pounds, she’d not yet worked for two full months, and, lost a total of twenty-six pounds, and clearly, she wasn’t, treated well enough.

The D.A. pointed out, that the Wangs brothers, because their mother suffered a lumbar spinal column fracture, couldn’t take care of herself, and last April, they’d asked an agency to find the Indonesian help to look after their mother, and the three of them would often cuss the worker out, and failed to pay the wages of $7,300N.T. that she’d worked.

The younger brother had even bear hugged the Indonesian in their own dining rooms and molested her, the woman had, called for help to a translator; and as the family found out, the mother reported the woman as a runaway, and, the agency notified the Department of Labor in Taipei, and, that, was why it was printed, that the Indonesian help was an “escapee”.

But, what ELSE was this woman supposed to do, than to MAKE her getaway, the family had, abused her, and, mistreated her so badly she couldn’t handle it anymore, and now, the family’s bad behaviors are made, public!


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