A Beautiful Mistake

Encountering the plastic varieties, without knowing, that they weren’t, real at all! Translated…

Two summers ago, my mother fell seriously ill and was hospitalized, the sun outside of her window is radiant and heated up as ever, but, it’s as, we’d, entered into the harshest winters of our lives, we’re not at all certain, if our mother will be able to make a full recovery and get out of the hospital again.

One afternoon, my mother was in good spirits, very lucid too, I’d pushed her to the rest area outside of the hospital ward, there was, a small garden at the corner, there were, a couple of sunflowers in full-bloom in the midst of the green leaves, and the small garden was paved with multi-colored pebbles, there were also, statues of several garden fairies there, it was, very healing. I’d wanted my mother to see the lively sunflowers, and use the advantage for her, to give herself the encouragements, that although she’s in a bad place in her life now, she should BE like the sunflowers, always turned her head toward the sun.

look real, don’t they???  But, they’re still, FAKES!!!  Not my photograph…

And because my mother loved that small garden, I’d taken her to visit it every single day. And, those couple of sunflowers had, accompanied by our sides, day, after day, their full-bloom yellow radiance never faded with the passing of time at all. Every time I felt stressed out, fatigued, I’d used the flowers to encourage myself, and my mother often spoke about how brave these little flowers had been too.

Or maybe, it were the flowers that’s given my mother the will to live, she’d made a full recovery and was out of the hospital. After a short while, I was picking up my mother’s medications, I’d returned back to that long hallways, wanted to see, if the small garden was still beautiful, but instead, I was, surprised to find, those sunflowers were all, still there, that they’d shown no signs of withering away at all! I’d walked closer, and, I was, shocked, they’re, fakes.

I was stunned for a short while, then, smiled. It didn’t matter, if they were real or fake now, the most important thing was, those few sunflowers had, reignited the hopes in my mother, and, it’d given me the courage, when I’m feeling worn out, to have the strengths to face the unknowns of my futures.

the flower, facing itself toward the sun, NOT my photograph…

And now, as I get asked, “What’s your favorite flower?”, without a thought, I would declare loudly, “SUNFLOWERS!”, although they were, once, a mistake, but, they’d told a tale of, triumphing with bravery that’s true.

So, despite how those flowers were FAKES, they’d still made a difference, to the narrator and her mother, and, had those sunflowers been real, then, they may not have such an amazing effect on helping the older woman make her full recovery………


About taurusingemini

All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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