The Son Was Tired of Getting Nagged……He’d Gotten Drunk, Then Killed His Own Mother with an Incense Furnace

In this particular case, alcohol became, a sort of an “accelerant”, he’d murdered his own mother, and under normal circumstances (had he not been drunk), he probably wouldn’t have done this, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The long-term unemployed, habitual drunk, Chang, who is thirty-six years old this year, yesterday was suspected of feeling annoyed at how his own mother nagged him, he’d lost control after drinking, bashed his mother’s head with the pots, pans, and the incense furnace, Chang’s mother suffered a skull fracture and her face was disfigured, and she had died after being taken to the hospitals, after the police interrogated Chang, he was booked for murder and sent to the Taoyuan District Attorney’s Offices.

Chang’s father told that at around eleven in the morn yesterday, he’d heard loud banging sound from his home, he’d gone upstairs to check, and found there was blood all over the floors, his son was in his underwear, and stood dumbfounded by the refrigerators, Chang’s father immediately called the police.

As the police and paramedics arrived, they’d found Chang’s mother lying in a pool of blood, and Chang, who wreaked of alcohol was standing close by dumbfounded, and although the police and fire department rushed Chang’s mother to the hospitals, she’d still died. The crime scene investigators disclosed that Chang’s mother’s face was beaten to disfigured, and they’d found the pot and the incense furnace to have blood on them too, “The pot was beaten to deformed.”

Chang claimed, that while he was cooking, he’d heard his mother nagging him on his not being employed, how he was a drunk, he was displeased, and just picked up the frying pan, rushed into the living room, and hit his mother over the head with it, to the point that the frying pan became bent out of shape, then, he’d picked up the incense furnace and continued beating on his own mother.

“I almost got choked to death by him,” Chang’s father told, that nine years ago, his son started abusing him and his wife, and as the neighbors heard them hollering for help, they’d rushed into their home, to prevent the son from going crazy after he got drunk. “Getting him to ten meters away from home didn’t do anything”, Chang’s father told, that there was, such leniency to the offenders of domestic violence, and, as the one-year-expiration date came, they’d had to file for another restraining order on his son again, “I can’t even get my daily sustenance, how will I have the time for a restraining order, I can’t find the time.”

“His mother loved his son”, the Guishan Police Substation told, that in the past, they’d received numerous reports from the Chang household, but as they went to visit, Chang’s mother felt awful about her son getting arrested, refused to press charges, but this time after Chang got drunk, he’d, murder his own mother with such brutal force.

So, there’s, this HISTORY of violence, and because the mother didn’t want to see her “baby boy” get arrested, so she’d, dropped the charges from before, and, this time, she’d gotten, MURDERED in such a brutal way by him, and this still just shows, that you should NEVER allow any form of violence to continue, NO matter how those who’d abused you “promise” they will change, because they won’t, and, IF you keep on forgiving AND forgetting, then, you just might, END up, like this WOMAN, beaten to death by someone she’d loved, and, surely, this woman had, spoiled her own son ROTTEN too!


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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