The Second-Generation of Migrant, Studied Hard, Got Accepted into the Top-Notch Universities

The values of hard work here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Zoey Dai, He-Jun Lin, Shih-Hsien Chiu, Cheng-Shu Hsieh, and Ming-Hsiang Yu, were all, shiny stars, and all are from families with a parent who migrated to Taiwan.

Zoey Dai, who was accepted into the Info Tech Engineering major of Transportation University, she said, that her mom married over from Indonesia, she couldn’t monitor her school work, but wouldn’t keep pressing her to study, she’d not felt any pressures from her mother, and can study according to her own schedules.

竹南高中邱仕賢,錄取政大風險管理與保險學系。 記者張弘昌/攝影Chiu who was accepted into the risk-management majors of Poli-Sci University, photo from

Lin, from Zoey’s school, his mother came from Vietnam, and couldn’t teach him how to do his homework assignments, but, she’d often told him, “It’s the attitude to which you take to do things that’s most important!”, it’d affected him deeply, it’d made him realize for himself, that he’d needed to, put in a lot of energies studying, that was how he was able to, get into the Information Technology Major of Chenggong University.

Chiu, from the public Zhunan High School in Miaoli is a primary writer for his school paper, writing is something that makes him happy. Chiu said, that he’d chosen the risk management and insurance department, because he’s interested in the subject, and it would give him a more stabilized career outlook, with steady pay after he graduated, he’d planned, to go into the area of law and business after he enters into the university to study.

國立員林高中語文實驗班學生尤明祥學測68級分,是彰化縣歷年來學測成績最好的新住民...Yo is from a low-income single-parent, family, and managed to get into his second-choice of university in the major he’d wanted to study in…

All of these examples of hard working young people who were able to achieve merely showed, that it didn’t matter WHERE you came from, so long as you have a goal, and work towards achieving that goal, success can and will be, within your grasps, and, we can learn how hard work can pay off from these young people.


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