As My Son Puts His Scarf Around His Neck, the Thoughts of a Mother

Watching you grow each and every day, from the mother’s perspectives, translated…

Awhile ago, my son was on his winter vacation, he’d hauled back half an SUV’s worth of luggage (including his assortment of exercise machines). And, it’d been a long time since I’d seen him, he needed to, have a deep conversation with his mommy now.

But, he’d stayed up in the nights and waken up late in the mornings for three days straight, and, he’d never spent over ten minutes, catching up with his mom. That day, he’d dressed himself up, readied to head out; I’d looked, weird, he was, wearing a huge scarf! He’d hated anything with a tall collar since he was a young child, said that the smallest sort of collar can make him itch endlessly, that he felt, suffocated, and needed to, take his clothes off. As we’d gone abroad, the scarf and gloves I’d packed for him usually stayed in the suitcase and returned, his reason being, he wanted to, face the snow storms head on, to feel cool.

前陣子,兒子放寒假,搬回半部休旅車的行李(包括他的各種健身器材)。隔了好一陣子沒...the passages of life, picture from the papers…

What’s up with him today? It’s still sixty to sixty-two degrees Fahrenheit? I’d inquired him about it, he’d started getting shy, and then, told me, that the scarf was knitted by his girlfriend. So that’s it then, the young girls in love, always knit the scarves, to wrap around his heart. I’d done so way back when, although, it wasn’t, my best work, but his dad loved putting it around!

I’d intentionally poked fun, “Not itching now?”, he’d replied, “It’s quite comfortable!”, the power of love, making those tied up feel amazing despite being tied up.

Several days later, my son accompanied me back to his grandma’s, seeing how my son asked his aunt about how to get to Hou-Tong, I’d interjected, turns out, he wanted to take his girlfriend out. The village with the cats in Hou-Tong, I’d just, driven past, never entered into the village, and I’d made the statement to my son, “Can I go with you guys? I promise I won’t make a scene, and I will, pay for things that you want too!”, there was that bitterness that overcame my son’s face, and he couldn’t find his words. My husband who’s close by helped him out, “You want to go, I’ll take you, don’t destroy the children’s outings.”

My son is growing up, is in love now, how fast the time passes. Recalling how I’d had a Caesarian for him, and right after he was born, he’d not cried or screamed, and, the hospital sent out a critical condition notice, and I can only, stand far off, and watched him from the side, while he’d stayed inside the incubator, prayed to God hard, that he is safe and sound, that everything will be, normal.

After my son was discharged from the hospital, I’d carried him, for the first time, felt that he was like a weak kitten, I’d, stared at his face, and was grateful for the blessings. And, as he was still on milk, he’d become, this round and robust toddler; as he’d started learning to talk, he was, corrected, to pronounce the words properly. He’d performed a solo on his recorder in front of the entire school body in the elementary years, and, worked hard in the private middle schools to study, and, the stresses from the commute to Taipei in his high school years, until his university career, did he find the leisure, to fall in love.

not my photograph…

Love is the most beautiful thing that can happen in the era of youth, it’d made people happy, crazy even. My son, who’s, raised in love, I hope you will know, how to love someone else, cherish the love that someone gives to you. And, if one day, the love is gone, I hope you’ll, let her go, and get through your broken hearts; know to feel grateful, that after the love was over, the roads shall remain, open to you, like the lyrics of the song: “I will always remember, some things from the past.”

So, this, is a mother, keeping track of how her son grows into an adult, and, she’d loved her son very much, and, hoped, that his son will learn the lessons that love has to offer him properly.


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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