An Existence that’s More Horrid than Death

The effects of drug abuse, a REAL story! Translated…

Is death, truly scary? I really can’t tell, but, I know of things even more horrid than death, my friend, Chih-Hwa had met it before.

After Chih-Hwa served his army terms, he’d used what he’d learned, and started manufacturing the brake system of bicycles, used his brute force, and the never dried-up sweat, slowly, steadied his own reputation in the industries. And yet, Chih-Hwa started wasting his life away, between the pursuit of high-end cars, mansions, and bad friends. Then, a twisted hand in fate came, an unexpected accident caused Chih-Hwa to fall into hell, from the heights of the heavens.

not my photo…

He can easily start over again, but, at this hard impact, Chih-Hwa chose, to run toward an escape, and, drug abuse, became, his shortest shortcut. The group of bad friends presented him with heroin, and swore that it’s good for him, that it can, make someone forget, ALL of one’s troubles. After the first use, Chih-Hwa forgot that his factory is close to shutting down; with the second injection, he’d believed, that everything he had lost, will be back to where it once was by morn; and after that third snuff, he’d, given his life, into the hands of Satan.

On a drug gathering, he’d “shared” a needle with a fellow drug addict, without realizing, that this smallest act of injecting himself, had become, this never-ending nightmare. Chih-Hwa had contracted A.I.D.S.

The last time I saw Chih-Hwa was at a hospital. His life was barely sustained by the machines, and, his protruding eyeballs stared at the ceiling, and, there was, nothing but that final layer of his skin, attached, to his bones………although we’d been friends a long time, but I was, shocked by what became of him. Chih-Hwa’s mother was going about what she usually does, still with that look of gentleness about her, like she was, wiping down something precious, carefully, bathed him. I think, only mothers in the world can, do this sort of things.

sharing a needle…

As my scheduled visit ended, Chih-Hwa’s mother talked to me, rather than saying it was her, carrying on in conversation with me, it was, more like talking to herself, “Chih-Hwa had told me endless number of sorry’s, said that after he got well, he’ll take me traveling, he’d wanted to show people, where drug can take you, he’d hoped, that NO mother will, need to cry over their lost children to drug abuse again.” Although she was smiling when she’d told me all of this, but, the tears slid down from her eyes as she’d told me all this.

Seeing this scene, I know for sure, I will, NEVER abuse drugs, because I can’t bare the fact, making my mother feel so much pain. But, to all of those out there who are abusing, do they know, that, this, is what their futures entails?

Of course not, because, sometimes, especially for those who abused drugs, they don’t see the light, until they’re, dying, and then, it would be, too late, because, they’re DEAD, the very next moment, and, there are still, an influx of these sorts of stories in the world, because, we will have our moments of weakness, and, if we’re not strong enough, then, we would, fall………

and this, is how it ends, NOT my photo still…


About taurusingemini

All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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