A Chinese Filmmaker Wants to Make a Film on Zong-Rui Lee and Came to Taiwan to Find the Casts

So insensitive, and this is, really awful, promoting bad behaviors, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The rich second-generation Zong-Rui Lee’s rape and secretly filming the process of him, raping his victims had, caused the upheavals in society, the multiple footages of sexual encounters he’d had with various women had gotten out, not just through the whole of Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, China, it’d gotten to places in Europe and United States, as well as in Southeast Asia too. A director from China planned to film the movie, “Zong-Rui Lee”, to put the rapes onto the big screens, he’d held an open audition for the female actresses to play the roles of Zong-Rui Lee’s victims in Taipei on the 26th of last month. The victims asked the judge, “What’s to happen to us?”

As one of the victims saw the audition posters, she’d felt so awful she didn’t know how to cope, disclosed to the judge; and the judge criticized the behavior of the Chinese director: “It’s so cruel to the victims!”

The director from China had, planned to start filming “Zong-Rui Lee” on April 1st, a short while ago, he’d set up an audition for the female lead, used the phrase of “finding his girlfriends back”, called on twins, models, lovers, and girlfriend, along with other roles. As the victims found, that “their own tragedies” are going to be made into a film, they’d mailed the movie poster to the judge, and asked, “What is to happen to us?”

富少李宗瑞性侵案,14名被害人中有9人最高法院發回更審,台灣高等法院7日更一審再...the perpetrator, taken into custody by the police, photo courtesy of UDN.com

The courthouses that oversaw the case believed, that Lee was friends with many of his victims, but, he’d taken the advantage of how they’re physically or spiritually weakened, to have sex with them, causing his victims to be traumatized psychologically, a lot of the victims, while testifying and giving their statements to the police had, broken down and cried, and hated too, there were those victims who’d become, too scared, to fall asleep at night, and it’s all because of Lee’s behaviors.

A judge believed, “It’s too immoral, to make a film like this one”, there were a total of fourteen females who were raped, and many of them were filmed in the process of having sex with Lee, and now, someone had, wanted to use the material, and make it into a movie, it’s, without a doubt, forcing the victims, to experience the rapes all over again.

So, I don’t know what the F*** (maxed out, remember???) this movie director from CHINA was thinking, or, he may be HIGH on some illegal substances (probably a HALLUCINOGEN???) as he came up with this BAD idea, and this just shows, how people will take advantage, of a BAD situation to make a few extra bucks, and this is, so VERY upsetting AND wrong!


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