The Feelings that Came Late, on Couple’s Relations

As we grow older…translated…

Those who are dissatisfied, always never know what blessings are bestowed upon them, and, I guess, that I’m, one of those folks.

Although I have pretty much good things to say of my husband, but, I was, placed under his microscope in everything I do, plus he’d often started recounting my former boyfriends, and this had caused, huge ripples, in our what seemingly happy marriage together. And so, I’d, made fun of him too, “can’t tell the difference between a horse and a donkey”, “no good in math OR the languages”. Although he’s excellent in living his life, and I’m a modern day civilized moron, I’d still made my wish, “I will NOT reincarnate again, I’d rather be mineral!”, to which he’d commented that the next life times, he shall, marry me still.

not my photo…

We had a wonderful household, the three children are not just well-behaved, they’re all economically independent, my eldest had gotten married, and this was a huge envy for friends and relatives our age, but, there would be, frictions between the two of us from time to time, and, I’d, felt awful about it every now and then.

My second sister-in-law who lives in the States had specifically told my husband, to not LEAVE their parents in the countryside on their own, and he’d thought of a way, to take care of his parents, and not be separated from me, but, toward my mother-in-law, who’d gotten used to the freedoms of her country-style living, became, suffocating to her.

My in-laws are in their eighties, they should be allowed, to live their elderly years happy, so, I’d, worked really hard, to try to persuade my husband to move to the country with his parents. I felt, that it would be great, not having him to nag me, and it’d also, helped him fulfill his filial piety duties toward his parents, and I might gain the reputations of being a well-rounded daughter-in-law too.

not my photo still…

But, since the implementing of this “program”, my in-laws were happy, and I was too, at first, but, slowly, I’d felt, that something wasn’t quite right, my senses kept fighting with my emotions, I’d hoped that my husband can be closer to me. Since he was younger, he kept asking, and I’d just, blown him off, and now, I can affirmatively answer, “I do love you.”

Although this feeling came kinda late, but, I’d gotten my wake up call before too late, that, is still great, isn’t it?

So, as you get older, you’d realized the importance, of having the ones you love closer to you, and this, is why you’d become, more cherishing to the moments you’d shared with your families now more so than ever before.


About taurusingemini

All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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