Students, Keeping an Eye on the Behaviors of Another

Classroom management, I suppose??? Translated…

“Ji, STOP playing with your cell phone!”, the classmate, How screamed aloud.

Like most of the high school students, Ji has a cell phone addiction problem, not only is he playing in between classes during break time, he’d sneak to play it during class time too, even as the instructor threatened to fail Ji, he’d still, remained unmoved, as his teacher, there was, NOTHING I can do; but, Ji’s behaviors are taken in, by How-How, with a strong sense of justice.

This day, Ji was, playing his cell phone again during break, How-How moved close to him, picked up his backpack behind him, said, “Ji, your desk is so messy, I’ll tidy it up for you.”, without lifting his head, Ji said, “Yeah, whatever!”

How-How picked up Ji’s desk until there was only his pencil case left, then, without a warning, he’d, grabbed Ji’s cell phone, and, tossed it, into the backpack too, zipped up the bag, and, like magic, produced a small lock, and, locked the two zippers up together.

“Hey, my cell phone!”, Ji was annoyed and tried prying open the lock by force, but he just, couldn’t. He’d begged for his bag to get unlocked, and yet, How-How ignored him, until the bell for class rang, and, as I passed out the test, How-How told Ji, “Want me to unlock for you, well, you’re going to have to, get half of the questions on this exam right first!”

Ji wore his bitter face, and started focusing on taking the test, which he usually guessed his way through. Don’t know if it’s the cell phone that’s offered to him, or that he’d gotten a blast of his neurons working fully now, he had, gotten, HALF the exam right! Then, How-How took out the key, then, unlocked his backpack for him, and, Ji was like someone who’d found his lover back, stroked his cell phone so gently.

And, this interesting incident had, peaked the other classmate’s interests, and one of them picked up the lock, looked at it a bit, then, took out his screwdriver and wires from the welding course, twisted, turned, and, the lock was, dissembled! A group of the classmates all went over to look, so had Ji.

I hollered out to them, playfully, “Make sure that Ji doesn’t learn that trick, I will, bring my own lock too from here on out!”, and, the rest of the class caught my drift, pushed Ji out of the circle became a wall made of people, blocked his views.

Ha! Sometimes, there’s a student that the teachers have no idea of how to get through, just, give it to the rest of the fellow classmates, there can be, unexpected results too.

So, this, is how the students are, governing themselves, and, because this kid that played with his cell phone probably affected the learning process of the rest of the class, and his grades are slipping too, so, one of his fellow classmates thought of a way, to lock the classmate’s cell phone up, so he can stay tentative to the lectures, and, surely enough, he did, improve on his grades, and this teacher allowed his students to take care of each other, and, the students’ measures worked too!


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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