The Head of the Class in the Nursing Homes

Finding a brand new purpose, through socializing with the other residents in the nursing home, translated…

Downstairs to my Oslo home in Norway, my eighty-six year-old elderly neighbor moved into a nursing home before last Christmas. “You no longer need to worry that my elderly mother forgot to turn off the stove and causing a fire now.” As her eldest son bumped into my husband, he’d stated. After the celebration of the New Year’s, we’d decided to pay the elderly woman a visit, it took us a little time, and we’d found her in the dining area, dining with a friend of hers.

As she finished eating, we’d sat down, and started conversing with her. “You look very familiar, but I can’t recall where it was, that I’d seen you both?” “We’re your neighbors from upstairs, how are you here?” “Great, of course! I’m more than grateful, for my health every single day! Since I was growing up, my mother’s told me, to carry a heart of gratitude always………”, as we’d gotten her to start talking, not long afterwards, she’d started, repeating her words, exactly, verbatim, as she’d stated already from before.

this is what you have…not my photo…

After a while, a few elderly men and women, slowly moved about with their walkers aro9und us, and, other than being demented, our elderly neighbor is actually, very, able-bodied, not only that, she’s actually, quite agile too. As she saw the other residents coming, she’d stood up, and asked them how they are, talked to them, and helped them sit down; and, some had told her they didn’t want to sit, that they’d just wanted to stand, she’d started consoling them like a head of a class, telling the individual to be careful, to not fall.

“Ingrid, did you see my coat?”, an elderly man slowly came toward her, and called out the name of a neighbor for help-. As she’d heard, she’d immediately stopped talking to us, and started acting out the duties of the head of the class, helped find the coat. We’d waited in the living room for a very long time, she didn’t return, as we’re about to leave, the nursing staff led her to us to say goodbye; turns out, she’d searched for the man’s coat at the other living room, and she’d sat herself down to read the papers, and, carelessly, forgotten, about us.

versus this…not my photo still…

My husband and I walked out of the nursing home, feeling funny. Thinking about how this elderly woman’s memories getting worse and worse these couple of years, she’d forgotten she was cooking, and, almost burned the building down several times; but, as she was living in assisted living, she was the MOST able-bodied resident, she’d acted like the head of a class, helping the nursing staff, with looking after the rest of the residents in the home too.

Seeing how the elderly woman was adapting well, that she always has something to busy herself on in the nursing home, compared to how she’d lived alone in the apartment, she felt, more energetic, and I believe, that this, is probably, the best arrangement for her.

Because from before when she lived in the apartment, she couldn’t get the close and intimate interactions she needed, that, was why there’s this huge difference in her attitude, her outlook on life, and her behaviors, because in the nursing home, there are people her age she can socialize with, and that made her life more meaningful, being able to help other elderly people who are living in the home by her.


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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