Talking about Relationship with My Son

having a discussion here…not my photo

Time for that talk, son!!! Translated…

The moment my first year middle school son entered the house, he’d started crying to me, “My best friend wanted me to choose a side, it’s, so annoying!”, turns out, my son’s best friend fell for a female classmate, and, she’d always enjoyed talking with my son, and, his best friend got jealous, and said she’d treated him like air, but my son said, “So what? At least, being air, it’s, a sort of an existence!”, ha, such, a positive way he’d read into the matters.

At supper, my son said in a heartfelt manner, “I think, in the middle and high school ages, I’d chosen to become the advice giver on love, it’s from my instincts and the way things are going; because I get along quite well with all the female classmates, and, if I choose any of them, it will surely, affect my relationships with the rest of my classmates.” I’d told my son, that his best friend might have been misled into believing, that he was his rival, and this surely was, very stressing to him, “If a girl told you she liked you, what will you say?” my son told me, “I will tell her, ‘I am so many light years away from love right now, there should be someone more fitting for you than I.’” Wow, turns out, that my son who’s always a joker, seemingly careless, has this, sensitive side about him.

My high school age daughter told, you should not get involved in middle school, because it would be hard, for the relationships to last, and that if you break up, you will carry that broken heart for a long time, and my son said, “It’s called ‘the worries of Young Winnie’”, everybody started laughing. In my mind, my son is just as cute as Winnie the Pooh, and, this little boy, seemed to have his first taste of love now, and is now, contemplating the issues of love, and started having his own thoughts on the matters.

I’d recalled how the poet, Mu-Rong Shih had a poem, “Don’t Refuse to Say Those Beautiful Vows/Just Because of the Uncertainties in the Futures. Be Brave, to Seek Out the Once-in-a-Lifetime Love/ And Fear Not that Goodbye is Imminent”. When my children turn twenty, I want to, give them this poem. By then, maybe, they’ll understand, that love is something wonderful, it’s also, a responsibility too.

engaging in a conversation with a child here, NOT my photo still…

So, this, is the parents’ encounter of school age children getting involved in love, and, it’s important, that you all start teaching your children about love, because the kids are maturing earlier, and earlier, and earlier by the generations, and if you don’t teach them what love entails, then, chances will be, that they will get injured badly.


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