The Secrets of Little Tapioca

Children wouldn’t KNOW how to keep a secret, as this story had shown, translated…

Every time we’d asked Little Tapioca what she did at kindergarten, she’d always answered in that bored manner, “Having snacks, lunch, then snacks again.” (is this, a class for the lazy kids???), or that she’d gotten lost in thought for a while, then, started singing aloud, a tune she’d learned, and if we’d kept prodding her, she’d held our hands, and made the five of us perform a song in a circle, then said proudly, “Ms. Yang taught it to us.”

家有幼童小粉圓的秘密 圖/PPANfrom the papers…

Did you learn to read and write? How about your ABCs? Knowing that having children learning to write early would have a bad effect on learning, but all of her grandmothers still worried, that she might lost at the starting point. However, Tapioca’s mom was more than open, and she’d answered on her behalf, that to this day, Little Tapioca remained illiterate, but she’d gone to school in the morning very excited, and that, was enough for her.

That day, Little Tapioca kept prodding the grandmas for secrets? We’d all become, quite confused, and after her mom explained, we’d learned, that something had, happened. Turns out, Little Tapioca’s best friend, Flower got a prank played on her by the boys, her hairclip was gone, and, Flower started crying, and, one of the classmates identified John as the culprit, and so, the teacher pulled John to the side, but the kid’s lips, were sealed, refused to tell what happened, and the teacher asked, “Is it, a secret, that you can’t tell anybody about?”, John nodded, then, the teacher started, rummaging, kept mumbling to herself, “Nope, not here, so, where, can it be?”, John saw how the teacher couldn’t find it, then, he’d, run to the shoe racks, and, got out the hairclip he’d hidden, with the postures of a winner of a race, after all, this was, a five-year-old child, he couldn’t keep a secret, from an experienced kindergarten teacher after all.

now, we share, a secret, photo from online…

Afterwards, Johnny gloated to Little Tapioca, that he had a secret with the teacher and she didn’t, this made Little Tapioca envious, she’d complained to her daddy about it. And, perhaps, Tapioca’s dad couldn’t, ward off of Little Tapioca’s playing coy with him, he’d told her, that she can call him when it’s just the two of them, “Baby He” (Tapioca’s dad’s last name is He), that this, was the BIGGEST secret EVER, that she was NOT to tell her mommy.

And, Little Tapioca kept her promise to her dad, not disclosed a single word to her mom, but, she’d, told everything to her grandmothers. And, as the grannies thought about a large man like Tapioca’s dad, being called “Baby He” by a young child, they couldn’t help, but laugh, and, as Tapioca’s dad learned, that he was sold out by his own daughter, how, would he feel?

So, does, a five-year-old child keep a secret well or not? The answer is, “Yes, and No”, Little Tapioca started demanding the grandmas if they have any secrets? We’d all, shaken our heads like that musical instrument. Before this young child, we must, keep ourselves locked, to not blurt anything out, or, we will, be made fools that’s for sure!

So, young children CAN’T keep secrets, as this article had shown, because they are only, starting, to try to understand, what it is, to have a secret, and, before they fully grasp the concept of secrets should remain untold, the adults had, best kept their secretive thoughts to themselves.


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