Into Making Miniscule Amounts of Money, Ten Youths Were Arrested for Transporting of Illegal Substances

They were young, AND STUPID, easily tempted too, so, they, FELL!!! From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Airport Police for two consecutive days, skillfully randomly searched certain passengers from a couple of the suspected flights, and found two groups who’d hidden amphetamine between their belts and underneath the soles of their shoes to get the illegal substances to Australia and India to sell, all of the suspects were arrested on drug-charges, and, the police is now, searching on a larger scale for the factories that manufactured these illegal substances.

The police told, that all ten suspects were between the ages of twenty and twenty-five, most worked in the hairstyling, beauty industries, they had NO priors, and the reason they’d become mules was because they’d needed the extra money, they’d received $250,000N.T.s each for the transportations of these illegal substances.

busted!!!  Not my photo…

The police units pointed out, that every kilo of amphetamine is sold in Taiwan for about $30,000N.T.s, and, the prices hiked up ten times in places like Japan and Australia, there were criminals who’d transported the illegal substances outside the country, just to make a little more money, but this was the very first time they’d found the illegal substances being transported to Indonesia if it’s NOT that the prices of illegal substances being sold in Indonesia getting higher, or that Indonesia was merely, the drug mules’ transfer station, the police will look into this.

The Airport Police received a tip awhile ago, said, that the drug lords intended to use the long holiday of February 28th, to smuggle the illegal substances to Australia, they’d immediately reported the tip to the D.A.’s Offices in Taoyuan;l the police only took a note of the “possible flights” the suspects might be taking, they didn’t have the specifics, they’d decided to work with the customs, and had all members on board, watching closely.

confiscated!  Not my photo still…

Around 8:30 in the evening two nights ago, a woman, Chou (age 25), plus four other females, and three men got ready to board their flights going to Australia, to transfer to New Zealand, as they filed the paperwork to pass the check points, the police found them very suspicious, and the Airport Police used the techniques of patting their bodies down, and found that between eight of them, they’d managed to hide 17.7 grams of amphetamine around their belts, or under the soles of their shoes. Early yesterday morning, the airport police and the customs used the same measures, and found that Yang and Ji who were headed into Indonesia was stashing away 7.8 kilos of drugs.

The case workers told, that these transporters packed the drugs into plastic bags, and sealed up the bags tightly, then, tied the packages around their waists or thighs, because they’d needed to tightly pack the packages in, so, when the airport police patted them down, it would make a sound, so, it wasn’t that hard to discover by patting search.

Because of the continual events at the W Hotel with the drug party death, along with the discoveries of illegal substances in the air force base, started on the 24th, the police analyzed the illegal substances cases for three full days, and, through large amounts of data being analyzed, they’d zoomed in on the hotspots, and, including the bust at the airport, they’d managed to uncover a total of 1,345 cases of drugs related incidents, and arrested a total of 141 individuals, and uncovered about a total of 80 kilograms worth of illegal substances.

So, this, is how they’d done it these days, the drug cartels had found younger people, zoomed in on how they would think that it’s easy money, and, even IF these young people were caught, the drug cartels were not at loss, after all, there are still, MORE and MORE members of the younger generation out there, who are, easily enticed, and this, will become, a LARGE problem, but, thankfully, after analyzing all the data they’d collected, the police were able to find the patterns, and hopefully, they will be able to, prevent more of these transporting of illegal substances cases that will keep on occurring.



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