One Out of Twenty-Five on the Planet is Diagnosed with Major Depression

Call this, a SHOCKING statistics, well, it’s not, that shocking, if you really, think about it…from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Killer of the Incapacitated, Causing a Loss of 31 Trillion Dollars in Economics, the High-Risk Population Consisted of Women, Adolescents, and the Elderly.

Can’t Find the Way Out, Can’t Tell Anybody about it! The Rates Rose Eighteen-Percent in a Decade’s Time

The WHO announced on the 23rd, that over four-percent of the entire global population are troubled by depression, and, of the total, women, adolescents, and elderly were the most easily affected by depression to not being able to function from day to day or to work. The WHO reported that with the longevity increase of humans, in 2015, there was an estimate of 322 million in the population in the world diagnosed with depression, 4.3 percent of the total population of people on earth; and in just a decade’s time, the number of depressed individuals had increased to 18.4 percent.

here’s a “visual”…found online…

the WHO pointed out, that the economical losses caused by depression amounted to one trillion U.S. dollars per year, because those who are diagnosed couldn’t have the energies to go to work, or to carry on in the activities they usually would enjoy, causing the decline in productivity. Dr. Zimm of health and economics of WHO said, “Depression is one of the major causes of how someone becomes totally incapacitated, and it’s the sole cause of someone losing ability to function from day to day.” There are about 800,000 individuals diagnosed with depression who’s committed suicide every year. “In the countries with a high earning, males outnumbered females, and in the lower earning countries, the women outnumbered the men.”

Zimm said, there’s a 1.5 times rate of women being diagnosed with major depression than men. The report showed, that there were, another 2.5 billion who are currently troubled by anxiety disorders, including panic disorder, phobia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, or posttraumatic stress disorder. And, close to half of all who are depressed lived in the Southeast Asian and West Pacific territories. About eighty-percent of the psychologically ill live in the lower income countries; Zimm stated, that a lot of the people in these nations are troubled by poverty, depression, civil wars, which makes the rate of them being overcome with the anxiety and depressive disorders even more.

Adolescents, pregnant or women who’d given birth, as well as the elderly, are the three groups which depressive disorders are found in.

Zimms said, that there were fifteen percent of women whom during pregnancy or after giving birth, are NOT just feeling the baby blues, but are clinically depressed. The retired population are also a high-risk group too; he said, stopping work or losing one’s spouse will make people frail, which makes it easier, for depression to happen.

that, is what it feels like, not my photo…

The WHO started the “Depression: Let’s Talk about It” function, to help fight the taboos that people feel towards depression. Zimms said, “We feel, that this, is the first step to get better, if we want psychological health, and depression along with other mental illnesses to get out of the shadows, we need to first, be able to, talk about them.”

So, this, would be the reports, and, turns out, that depression IS the common cold of mental illness for modern day people, and, when depression has the tight grip onto you, you can’t see the light, and, when you can’t see the light, and live in the dark too long, then, you get tired of living, and want it all to end, and the only treatment for that, is to STOP overthinking your probably, and, instead of feeling upset about how BAD things are in your lives (b/c depressed people ARE the ones with the firm GRIPS on reality, as that pretest-posttest thing we had in our social psych course taught us!!!), do something about it, get moving, help someone out, because, by helping others out, you can, feel better about yourselves, because you’d be, giving something BACK to the community, it makes you feel that you’re NOT so useless and helpless anymore. So, socializing, in MY opinion, because this is still MY website, is a MAJOR K-E-Y to resolving the mental illnesses of depression.


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