Post Out the Love

Finding alternative ways that worked, to show each other how much we care for, and love one another, just don’t take it too far…translated…

Saying “I love you” had never been the way we’d expressed our love toward one another at my house, especially for my mother who’d kept the household intact, although my younger sister and I were more than grateful for her taking care of us both, but, we’d not known, how to show her our gratitude. Every now and then, when we’d sweetened up our lips and say those sweet things to my mother, she’d called us foolish.

here we have a SET of pictures that can express how someone feels, from LINE!  pictures from online…

My mother inherited my maternal grandmother’s hard-working, traditional Asian female values, and, gone through all the trials, raising us both up. Toward our mother’s selfless giving, we’d originally given back to her by buying her pretty clothes or expensive moisturizers and nutritious items. And, maybe my mother felt pleased, but, having kept to the values of frugality, told us to stop wasting the money on her.

And now, there’s the webcam and other sorts of communication means, it’d stopped, being difficult, for us, to be comfortable, to express our love to her now, especially using the cute and animated pictures, it’d allowed us to show her we loved her comfortably, in a way she could easily accept too. Gently tapped the fingers a couple of times, finding the most fitting feeling at the moment, we can, immediately show how we feel for one another in no more than a moment’s time, a picture, to show our love towards her, a picture seemed to be worth, MORE than a thousand words.

Here are some more…so many to choose from!

And now, my younger sister and I often sent my mother kisses or hugs, living in three different locations, our hearts became, closer and closer to each other’s; my younger sister even went to a designing course for the pictures, and used her artistic talents, and designed a cute set of pictures, allowed us to easily “post” our love toward one another.

So, this, is how you’d come to rely on those IMs to tell one another “I love you”, and maybe, for someone who’s like the mother from the above case who’s not good at verbally telling her loved ones “I love you”, it’s a good way, but, because there are, an assortment of pictures for LINE and whatever these day, people may resort to just using these picture postings, to tell one another things, then, we would truly, have returned, BACK to the CAVEMEN days, where NO written communication had been invented yet, and we can only, use those pictures, to convey our thoughts to each other!


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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