The Occupational Training of Stray Dogs, Getting Them a Better Chance of Being Adopted

how they started…photo from online…

Giving these strays a brand new lease on life, from the Newspapers, translated…

There are about a total of 1,450 stray dogs in the eight animal shelters in Hsinbei City, in order to help put the “Zero Kill Policy” into practice, the Animal Protections Agency of Hsinbei City found trainers, to change these stray dogs into working dogs in farmers, factories, and as accompanying pets too.

The trainer, Huai-Ying Chen said, that the trainings include: heel, down, stand up, along with other basic commands, and after these dogs were trained, they can become certified service dogs. Through the patient guidance of the trainers, some of the more timorous stray dogs became very close to humans now.

So, the government is helping to give a new lease on life to these strays, and, it’s a good program, because by getting these stray dogs certified, the program will end up helping MORE of those who required the assistance of a service dog, and, it can also, reduce the number of stray dogs running everywhere too.

and, look at her/him now…photo from online…


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