The Two Men Who Murdered the Female Tea Seller Were Sentenced

Finally, JUSTICE is being SERVED here! From the Front Page Sections, translated…

Huang and Chen were accused of getting the female tea seller, He to China to buy the teas, they’d given her a bottle of drink mixed with a strong sleeping pill, after she passed out, they’d driven her to a desolate path, robbed her, and dumped her by the side of the road, when He regained her consciousness, she’d called the police, and two days ago, she’d died of overdose. China and Taiwan had work hand-in-hand, to bring Huang and Chen to justice, the Changwha District Court sentenced Huang to fifteen years in prison and Chen to twelve years in prison for involuntary manslaughter charges.

The investigations pointed out the 64-year-old Huang and the Vietnamese tea provider, He had financial conflicts, in September of two years ago, Huang used the excuse of him wanting to introduce a client of his to buy tea from He, to get the forty-two-year-old woman to meet him in Canton, and told her, that the amount made from the sales can eliminate the $120,000U.S. that she’d owed from before, and He agreed, and went to China to meet from Vietnam.

Huang and Chen (age 43) called a cab to pick He up in Canton, on the ride, they’d handed her a bottle of drink to He who was thirsty to drink, after she’d consumed the drink, she’d fallen unconscious; then, Huang immediately asked the cabdriver to borrow his cab, he’d driven He to a desolate pass in the mountains and dumped her there, and, took everything valuable she had on her, then, left for Taiwan.

He slept until the next morning and woke, found there were abrasions on her body, and she suffered from stomach pains, and she had NO money let, she’d asked for help from someone, she was taken to the hospitals and she’d reported being robbed to the police; two days later however, she’d died of an infection caused by edema of her multiple organs; the hospital believed that having taken an overdose of sleeping pill had caused her organs to fail.

The Public Safety officers in China tracked down the leads, and contacted the police in Taiwan, the police arrested Huang and Chen in Changhwa, and the D.A. mandated for their being taken into custody, and, they’d found two cell phones in Huang’s residence, radar, and over forty million Vietnamese dong.

Huang and Chen denied their involvements, but, the testimony from the cabdriver in Canton matched up with He’s call to the police; the Changhwa D.A.s office corroborated with the police in China to get all the evidence, and used webcam to contact and asked the witnesses questions, the courts found Huang and Chen guilty, based off of the evidences.

So, this, is an international murder, that was solved, thanks to both China and Taiwan corroborating with each other, and these men wanted the woman’s money, and, they killed her for it, which still proved, that money is one of the sole causes of murder in the world right now.


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