An Elderly Woman Found Dead by a Workers’ Shack, with a Bloodied Baseball Bat Close by, Suspected of Beaten to Death

Murder, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A seventy-four year-old elderly woman in Heng-Chun Township in Pingdong, two days ago left for her farm in the mountains to work, and never returned home, so, her son went out looking for her, and found his mother’s face covered in blood, dead in the workers’ shack. The police and coroners examined her body early yesterday morn, and found there to be clear injuries on her forehead, and that there was a baseball bat, covered in blood left inside the workers’ shack, they suspected that she was, clubbed to death, the police are now, chasing all possible leads.

The police pointed out, that Jiang, who lived in Da-Guan Borough, worked in the fields in the mornings, and returned home in the afternoons, on the eighteenth of this month, she’d left home at nine, and by nightfall, she hadn’t returned, her son went to the fields to look for her, found his mother already dead, he’d immediately notified the police.

The Hengchun Police substation stated, that the deceased was fully dressed, with blood covering up her face, lying face up inside the chairs of the workers’ shack, and there were injuries from getting beaten on her head, the blood spread everywhere on the floors. There was a baseball bat covered in blood, seemingly the weapon.

After the police reviewed all the evidences, they believed she was murdered, and they’d sent the baseball bat in to have the blood tested, to see if it matched up with the victim’s, at the same time, they’re looking into the deceased’s records of communication before death, as well as finances too. Based off of understand, the police had, sorted through every single detail of the elderly woman’s life, to NOT overlook any small detail, but, everybody she knew all asked, “Who can it be, to brutally murder an elderly woman who’s unarmed?”

The family of the deceased pointed out, that Jiang lived a simple life, didn’t have any beef with anybody; the neighbors told, that Jiang was very kind to all, that she was, very well connected with everybody in the neighborhood, that they were, all very surprised, and felt loss over her death.

The place where her body was found, as in the Da-Guan Mountain regions in Hengchun, about a kilometer off the main roads, and, someone would have to, go through the small passes to get there, it was, very unnoticeable. The outside of the worker’s shack was quite new, and, the land around it was just, tilted, there were dogs on the land, to keep out the thieves, and, because there were no surveillance cameras from all around, it’d increased the level of difficulties for the police to solve this case.

So, the reason of the elderly’s brutal murder is still pending investigation, but, based off of what’s been told to the police, the murder of this elderly was probably a random act of violence, a crime of opportunity, but, we can’t be sure, until further investigation results are out.


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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