She’d Come to Taiwan to Work, But Instead, Found Herself a Bad Life: Fed Illegal Substances Gotten Sold for Sex, Gotten Her Pays Deducted………The Female Indonesian Worker Cried as She Told the Press


The false promises, of a better life, of higher pay too!  And look how many “dominoes” fell???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…


“Everyone got sold and the johns never paid, but, none of us dared say a thing!” on Valentine’s Day, the Offices of Immigrations busted an international sex trafficking ring, as the few Indonesian ladies were taken into custody, they’d accused Wu, the suspect of controlling them with illegal substances, to force them to start selling, and, Wu had even gone to the hooker stations, and had sex with the ladies with his friends without paying them too.


The Indonesian woman who was suspected of solicitations said, that at first, Wu had provided them with drugs without charging them, “We thought it was something new, seeing how there were, crystals inside a glass ball, and when you roast it, it’d start smoking…and, sniffing in the smoke can make us high for an entire day.”  As the women became addicted, Wu started jacking up the price of the illegal substances he’d provided them with, to FORCE the Indonesian women to comply, and installed spycam in the rooms where the women worked, to make sure that they don’t escape.


Based off of understanding, there are currently, fifty thousand Indonesian women who came to Taiwan to work, and the specialty task force estimated that about ten percent of the total population were forced into the sex trade, the suspect, Wu found an Indonesian woman as his girlfriend, and contacted these Indonesian women who are looking to make quick cash, persuaded them to have sex with the clients, and there were, underage adolescent girls who’d lied about their age in the group too.


The specialty task force investigated, that a little over a decade ago, Wu started his business from opening up a hooker station, his business got bigger and bigger, he’d bribed the police department, and was arrested for it.  Seven of the Indonesian victims told, that “Every time the head’s (Wu) friends came, they’d gotten sold without getting paid”.


The woman nicknamed “Apple” cried as she told the officers, that she’d come to Taiwan for three months now, and forced to take five johns a day, but, she’d only gotten paid a little over $1,000N.T. for her meals, Wu used the excuse of “I might get found for hiring you by the Department of Immigrations”, and took her pay of $40,000N.T. in advance, she thought she was still on the “trial period”, that three months later, she will get paid the full amount, and now, she’s arrested, and, everything was lost, and she’s now, faced with the fate, of being departed back to Indonesia too.


The female migrant workers from Indonesia usually worked as nurse’s aide, factory helpers, after the deductions of the charges of the agents, they’d still gotten paid a little over $10,000N.T.s, a lot of the workers chose to escape this way of life, and, those women who were better looking were selected by the sex trafficking rings, and because they don’t have workers’ visas, and feared getting extradited by the Department of Immigrations, even as they were controlled by the sex trafficking rings, fed illegal substances, not getting the full pays, most of them didn’t dare say anything, which is how they get taken advantage of so often and so easily.


This, is what’s currently happening, someone came over here, with the belief that they will find better work, but instead, they fell into the traps, and they never get back out, until the busts came, and, during which time, these women’s body had, been put through hell, all because, they believed, in the façade, of a better life, a higher pay that’s promised to them…



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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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