Sending Us on a Cruise Vacation, a Gift from Our Son


cruise-vacationThe thoughtfulness of their son, translated…


My son take two evening on the weekdays to work part-time, he’d planned to buy a brand new computer, but because he’s still a high school student, he only gets paid minimum wage.


The first month’s of work, he’d worked only limited number of days, the very first paycheck he’d received was, quite measly.  Even so, I’d still recalled that as he got his very first paycheck, he’d bought a small present for his dad, so the two of them can share the joys of “I made my first paycheck.”


But, due to some twisted hand of fate, my son couldn’t find the fitting present for his father, then, my fiftieth birthday came.  Fifty is a major milestone, I’d hoped that the celebrations can be a bit different than normal, and I’d half-jokingly told my son, “Can you send me on a cruise for my fiftieth birthday as a present?”, my son immediately said yes, and added, boosted the birthday present he’d not yet given to his father to a cruise vacation too.


A joke in exchange for a cruise vacation, this, was not at all my expectations.  But, my son’s generosity caused me to think again, should I say yes?  Or, should I gratefully, tell him no?  I know how difficult it’d been, for him, to earn his wages, and to save up the money, I also knew of his plans, to buy himself a brand new laptop, my careless words had, taken away about HALF of what he’d saved up hard, I’d felt, really bad for it.


After thinking on the matter again and again, my husband and I still decided, to get on that cruise and enjoy our vacation together.  Because my son’s willingness to give, it’s hard to come by, and we should both, cherish his thoughtfulness toward us.  We’d chosen the cheapest room, to lessen the strain of his putting up the fares for the entire trip, then, we took his blessings, and, headed out, happily, to celebrate my husband’s birthday.


But, my son’s kindness, was destined, to become a “nagging” from me from here on out.  Every time that I’d had my birthday since, I’d nagged, “The very first paycheck my son made, before he had the chance of spending it, he’d, sent his parents on a cruise vacation.”


So, this, is how wonderful this young man is, he knew he needs to give back to his parents, for caring for, for loving him, for raising him up, and so, he’d, sent them both on a cruise vacation, to show his appreciation for him, sure, it’d put him out, but, at least, he’d showed his appreciation and love toward his parents, in ways that they loved receiving it.



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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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