Yoga with My Grandchildren

Spending time together, exercising here, translated…

From before when I’d thumbed across “The Screaming Child” by Yi-Hsin Chang, I was reminded of my own grandson and granddaughter, as we did yoga together, and I can’t help, but smile, and I’m in awe, at the writer’s teaching methods, and I’d benefitted greatly from her wisdoms.

Before my grandchild was two years old, I’d taken care of him for a few months. I loved children, and he’s my grandson, I’d gone all it, put every single mind into it. But sometimes, I just, can’t make magic happen, and can only, just sit beside him. Gladly, children have this way of entertaining themselves, it’s just, that I couldn’t, read the books, papers, or magazines, as he would, interrupt me a lot; and I can’t slide on my tablet, or my cell either, his finger moved a whole lot faster than mine. And so, I’d, sat beside him, and stretched out on the mats, and performed the few simple yoga moves, to pass my time.

photo from online…

In no more than two days’ time, I saw my grandson stating to my daughter-in-law, “Hey, let’s exercise.”, then, he’d, lain down, lift up his two legs, one, two, one, two, he’d, kicked his legs. And that, was when I felt shocked, discovering, how he was, always observing me.

During that time, before he took his naps, he’d begged me to roll open that yoga mat, and, done the moves he’d demanded, then, he’d, headed off to bed to take his nap like a good boy would. We’d gone from doggy, flat, cobra, tree, etc., etc., etc., performed a whole bunch of them. Of course, he couldn’t, completely perform a lot of the moves, like the boat style, he had yet to learn to use the core muscles, but, he’d posed, and, extended his arms, meaning that he’d done that. And, for the bow, he couldn’t grab his own ankles with his arms yet, can only do it on one side, but, that was enough for him. As for the tree, he’d yet to gain his balance, he’d found a wall, lift up one of his legs, lifted both arms high up, the way he looked, it was, so very cute!

The other harder moves, I’d not taught to him, and yet, as he laid back down, lifting his legs, bending them, his toes touched his forehead, and, instantly, his body was, folded in half, that was, something, I couldn’t do at all. He’d looked at me with doubt, and, moved to behind me, “I’ll help you!”, and, pushed hard on my back, pressed down on my head, and couldn’t understand, just why he could do it, but grandma couldn’t. I’d begged, “Grandma’s old, bones are hardened, I really, can’t do it.”

yoga with grandchildren 的圖片結果not my photo still…

My granddaughter in the U.S. was five months older than my grandson, they’re at the same levels of mental development, and, they’d shared that flexibility of the body. In her short vacation time to Taiwan, she’d done yoga with my grandson; as she’d returned to the U.S., at a gathering, there was an older little girl who’d performed her newly learned dance moves, my son asked my granddaughter, “Will you, do a few yoga moves for us too?”, my granddaughter performed, and explained, “Doggy, Bow, Tree………”

As she lay flat on her back, folded her legs, and, touched her forehead to her toes, she’d stated, “Grandma couldn’t do this!”, it’d made my daughter-in-law and son laugh so hard, on the “Grandma-Can’t-Do-it Pose”.

Thinking about how many yoga classes are out there, for singles, doubles, for parent and children too, and, so, I’d had my two daughters-in-law look around, to see if there are “Yoga classes for grandma and grandchildren”? Hoping that between the flexible and inflexible, the young and the old, we would be able to, perfect our shared yoga sessions together.

This still just shows, how amazing the learning skills of children can be, and because of how young they are, they’re, very flexible, which made some of the yoga moves that adults are having difficulties performing easy to do, and, by sharing these yoga sessions with her grandchildren, this woman became more connected to her own younger generations.


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