The Shadows at Sunset

Passages through life, translated…

After the drizzles, the gentle warmth of the sunshine greeted in the afternoon, we sat at the amphitheater in Da-An Forest Park leisurely, and the rarely visible whitened back of the foot, with the paleness or the brownish markings of time. Gazing up to that blue clear sky, it’d made me feel comforted, and I was, full of energy.

We’d walked barefoot back and forth on the stone pavements and the grassy areas, to get rid of the excessive fatigued we’d carried on our bodies. I’d silently heard you talk of that monster that’s lost control and attacking your body from the inside, and, took your organs one by one, that thin layer of face mask kept you from breathing completely, causing you to slowly suffocate. The five-minute walk needed to be split up, and, I’d felt, burdened and quite sad, of this limited love we had as sisters now.

心情點滴日落中的形影 圖/PPANpicture from the papers…

Of the six sisters, we were the closets since we were younger. You’d looked like our father, back then as you walked down the streets of the village, the residents can all identify you as our father’s daughter.

You have a sweet singing voice, and loved watching the classical opera shows, as we’d gone out to the fields to labor, you’d pull up the weeds, and sung those old-style tunes, and gotten lost in the characters you were singing the lines for, and, you’d get scolded for being “crazy” by our second eldest sister who’s always been very strict. You’d often stood in front of the mirrors at the house and made faces, with the hand gestures, and the steps of those actresses on T.V., you’d become the characters they portrayed on television, so it seemed.

In the distant regions where there’s a lack of cultural resources, we can only go with the flow of things in our education, and, attended the business-oriented technical high schools. After high school, we’d moved to the north to live; after you married, in order to take care of your family, you’d, quitted your accounting position at a foreign trades company, and helped in the shop your husband had set up, and raised your children until adulthood, then, you went in pursuit of your dreams of childhood then.

support from her sister, photo from online…

At age forty, you’d started exercising at the local community park, and back then, there’s this combined dance exercise, and because you learned really quickly, you were recommended into the teachers’ training programs, and, later on, you’d set up your own dance studio, and used your beautiful dance moves, which was very different from what’s seen in the parks, and attracted over hundreds of students to take your course.

You’d not become pompous because of this, you’d started practicing tai-chi at the time too, in order to perfect your skills, you’d gone to China to seek out the directions of the masters. You’d never been trained as a professional dancer, but, your moves is comparable to that of professionals, your students nicknamed you as the wild dancer. You’d used the rules of the universe, along with your own life experiences, to teach tai-chi, and, the moves you’d performed were like writing in cursive using calligraphy brushes, running smooth and free, forceful, and yet, very gentle and soft, making the audience feel how the beauty and power can work together so well.

When I’d encountered difficulties in life, your house was once, my shelter. You’d always looked after me like an older sister would, when I’d become, completely taxed from taking care of my three kids, you’d lent me a helping hand, so I can relax and breathe a bit. After our children grew older, we’d made the wish and lived the dreams of touring to places together. Although you’d not taken up photography, but, on every trip that we’d taken, you’d used your special sense of aesthetics, managed to take those amazing photos. Your sense of beauty, can be found everywhere in your life, and, living close to you, you’d, affected me.

not my photo…

Two years ago, you were diagnosed with an extremely rare case of malignant tumor, as you’d told me, very peacefully, this, shocking news, laughed on how other than being two years younger than I was, everything else, you’d done, ahead of me; whether it be entering the workforce, marriage, or having children, and now, you shall, bid farewell to the world, earlier than I would. You’d always had better health that I, and how come, you just, couldn’t defeat this hard-hitting case of cancer, I just, can’t wrap my head around it.

Even after the surgeries, your illness still didn’t get better. I’d, stared, into the unknown, we are about to, be separated by life and death, how, do I cope with that? I can only, lift my head up silently, toward the skies now.

So, this, is the closeness of sisters, and, this woman must’ve felt the trials of her older sister’s body enduring through the treatment measures of her cancer too, and, because of how close they are from before, that, will only make losing her sister, harder to handle.


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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