A Second-Year Middle School Student Made the Second Highest Score in His Class, Was Beaten to Injury by His Own Mother

This mother SCREWED her own child OVER, because of her OWN perfectionistic personality, from the Newspapers, translated…

The N.T.U. Hospital had once treated a middle school student, who’d gotten beaten up brutally by his own mother for getting the second highest score on his exams, the Domestic Violence Prevention Center referred him to be treated for his physical injuries, and he’d become, one of the long-term follow-up cases of the social services department.

In order to help the abused children and adolescents get the medical treatments and counseling they’d needed, the Children and Youth Medical Treatment Center combined the work of social workers, therapists, hoping that they can become, a unit of protection for the children and adolescents.

The children’s E.R. manager, Tseng pointed out, that recently, the cases taken in by N.T.U. hospital are scattered across the ages, the case that left the deepest impression on him was a middle school age male, who’d not scored first place on an exam, causing his mother to react angrily, and, his mother told his older sister who’s good in school, to hold him in place, while she’d, beaten him up as a punishment.

Tseng recollected, that on the afternoon this adolescent male was referred to the N.T.U. Hospital E.R., his face was so swollen, from the beating by his own mother, he was also covered in bruises and scars; but the teen told him, he’d, worked hard, to not cry, because if he’d cried, he would get beaten up even worse, as the boy told of what he’d endured, it’d made everybody around him feel bad for him.

“Other than treating the physical injuries, the traumas of the children’s minds also need looking after,” Lu, the sponsor of the N.T.U. Hospital’s children protections unit stated, a lot of the children, after being traumatized, chose to remain silent about their abuse, or maybe, because of how young they were, they didn’t know how to tell it, but, the traumas on the psyche may manifest themselves physically, from before they’d treated a five-year-old, who’s past the age of bedwetting, but because of the abuse, he’d started wetting his bed again, to show his stress, and the mother saw it, and got mad, and physically abused him again, then, the child was placed in a foster home, and the bedwetting was over, but, as he was placed back with his family of origin, the bedwetting problems occurred again, and he’d needed psychotherapy to help him cope with the traumas of getting punished by his own mother.

Lu stated, that in the abuse of children or teenagers, the traumas occurred on the psychological AND physical levels, and both needed to get treated, and both the adults AND the children need therapy for it.

So, this, is how kids respond to abuse, they may not be able to tell you, but the signs will surely, show up in other ways in the children’s lives, and, as adults, we need to, pay close attention to these subtle signs that they’re, showing to us, in order, to give them the help they needed in time.


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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