The Higher the Level of Education of the Victims, the More They’d Denied Having Been Scammed

Because of the issues of PRIDE!!! From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Criminal Investigation Bureau estimated there to have been 20,000 victims of phone fraud just last year, of these, 9,712 graduated from colleges and universities, 853 held a master’s degree or higher; the police analyzed, that those with higher degrees are immersed in their professional areas of expertise, rarely gotten into contact with the outside environments, plus they have huge egos, they’d turned into “the untouchables” for the scam alerts, education about scam artists that the police couldn’t reach.

but it had, hadn’t it???  Not my picture…

Based off of estimates, those who are higher in education are most easily scammed by the false auctions online or setting up the ATM payments, there were, over 600 who’d fallen victim, and, although there were less cases of fake kidnapping and falsified D.A. and police officers, but, people who were scammed still lost a total of over millions of dollars to this second sector.

In May of 2013, the former economics board member, Ying received a scam call, the scammer claimed that they have his son, he was so thrilled he’d immediately withdrawn $1.2 million N.T.s, and just, threw it at the scam artist ring; in March two years back, the former president of the Central Research Agency, Liu was scammed by a false D.A., the scam artists managed to scam $20 million N.T.s from her.

The police said, that the population of the better educated were the ones being scammed the most, mostly because this group of people are mostly very naïve, they’d not gotten involved in too complicated interpersonal interactions at work, and would easily ignore or overlook the news stories of scams, and they used internet higher than most people, which is why they’re easily scammed.

yup, but how do we, prevent it, huh???  Not my animation.

The police observed, that those who are highly educated, along with those in higher economical statuses, once they were scammed, they’d become, trapped, and refused to believe that they’d been scammed, continually wiring the funding, or delivering the cash in person to the scam artists, and still refused to report it to the police, and delayed the time to report the scams, for instance, a lot of the teacher who were scammed refused to admit to it, believed, “I’m usually the on lecturing, I can’t, bear, to be taught!”

So basically, it’s the PRIDE of this group of people that’s made them such easy targets, and that, was what those scam artists were counting on, that after you, people with higher degrees, high job titles got scammed, they knew you’d feel stupid, ashamed, to the point, that these bad feelings would, prevent you, from reporting the incidents to the police, which, is why these scam artists would be working this group of people so hard!


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