Of the Romantically Related Partners Who Aren’t Cohabiting, Females Make Up the Majority of the Battered Population

The statistics are in!!! From the Newspapers, translated…

The Domestic Violence Prevention Center of Hsinbei City estimated, that just last year, of the romantically related domestic abuse cases, females make up the majority of victims, of them, physical violence make up the majority of reports. The manager of the Hsinbei’s domestic violence prevention center, Hsu stated, that the victims should avoid being isolated and fighting on her/his own, that the individual should seek out professional assistance, along with a stable social connection with the friends and families, that way, there would be a strong enough safety net.

Today is Valentine’s Day, Hsu suggested, that if the lovers are breaking up over personality differences, interests, or having varied views on things, they’d needed to, sort through the matter peacefully, that if there were incidences of verbal threats, stalking, harassments, along with other measures of actions, then, it needs to be taken as the signs for violence, and, the victims shouldn’t check in on FB, and needed to turn off the GPS on their cell phones too, to avoid the abusive party’s knowing one’s whereabouts.

Hsu said, that the commonly known “Horrid Lovers”, domestic violence prevention rule had been operating for a year, that unrelated, or those who weren’t cohabiting, but are romantically involved, if they were abused by the other party in physical or emotional senses, the victims can also file for a civil restraining order, and seek out assistance from the related organizations in the society.

After the social workers got involved in the domestic violence calls, they will also assist the victims in setting up a restraining order, offer the victims legal advice, if the victims were students, if they’re working, then, they’d needed to let their classmates or coworkers, or managers know their situation, so they can set up this protective network for the victims.

And, the charts on the kinds of violence, and number of those who were abused were as follows, taken from the papers…

Physical Abuse: 130

Emotional Abuse: 129

Sexual Abuse: 3

Economical Control: 1

And here are the causes of abuse and the percentage…

Breaking Up: 31%

Emotional (i.e. affair, psychological infidelity, etc.): 22%

Differences in Personalities: 21%

Financial and Economic Statuses: 7%

Drinking, Drugs, Bad Habits: 7%

Psychologically Ill: 3%

And, despite whatever REASONS there are that you were being abused or if you’re using ANY of the above as a SORRY excuse to ABUSE someone else, it’s WRONG, and, those who are abused, you NEED to CLAW your ways out of this deep grave you’re currently it yourselves, because, no matter how much help from outside of you is available, you still have to be the one, reaching UP, to get pulled out!!!


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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