A Teacher Who Started Teaching at a Distant-Region Elementary School Incorporated the Local Environment into His Lesson Plans for His Class

An example of how dedicated this school teacher is, how he wanted to give his students something they can use to learn, even after they’re outside his class, incorporating the localities into his teaching methods here, from the Newspapers, translated…

There’s great instability of workers for the school instructors in the distant regions, plus, it had been, difficult, for them, to increase their knowledge of instruction, the Department of Education last year pushed forth the “Teaching interviews of instructors”, and, sent the urban regions’ better teachers out to the nineteen schools without the right amount of resources to work for a year, to help these distant-area schools get on track. The teacher, Yong-Jie Weng who was stationed at An-Ding Elementary School in Taichung, developed the “Reading with the Farmlands” courses by incorporating the local assets, to teach the kids to make “grassy head dolls” and had the children plant out a “dragon fruit miniature forest”, and, opened up his classes for other school teachers, so the other instructors can take something from his teaching methods, to devise out fitting lesson plans for their own students as well.

The elementary school instructor, Weng was originally teaching in Zhongxiao Elementary in Taipei, he’d stationed at the An-Ding Elementary in Taichung ow. Weng had, planned and incorporated the local regions’ developments to set up his lesson plans for reading for his students, used the four seasons as the center of the courses, and, from there, he’d set up the “spring breezes that blew across the hilltops”, “the reading and walking through the fires of the summer”, “dancing along with the forests in autumn”, and finally, “following the steps to find the winter winds”, four sets of separate lesson plans. Used the local’s agricultural advantages, devised hands-on and experience activities, and incorporated reading in the process, the focus of his lesson plans are on the hands-on activities, so the teachers and students can all play and learn at the same time.

北市忠孝國小教師翁永傑,駐點在台中市外埔區安定國小,規畫融入在地農產特色的田園閱...the school instructor, planting in the fields with his class, photo from UDN.com…

Weng told, that in the autumns, the dragon fruits are in harvest, he’d taken his students to cut open the fruits, to take out the seeds, and, had the students plant out a smaller scale forest with the dragon fruits as the primary vegetation. And because the students were ALL from farming backgrounds, he’d planted the barleys, the rice onto a head of dolls, and, the grasses that grew from the seeds became like hair strands of the dolls, and, the children projected their own feelings onto the dolls, and it’s helped them acquire the values of keeping everything going, he’d planned to set up a reading-walking programs across the local community, to document what the students had observed, and make a map of the learning sessions too.

The principal for An-Ding Elementary, Chen told, that there’s a lot of money resources, and setups for the distant region schools now but, the students are still learning, below average compared to students in the bigger cities, the key is in “the people”. But, “people” is usually, the HARDEST to take care of, there are, only a few of the better teachers who would be willing, to stay in the distant areas to continue teaching, she was very grateful, toward Mr. Weng, for giving to the distant regions.

北市忠孝國小教師翁永傑,駐點在台中市外埔區安定國小,翁永傑規畫融入在地農產特色的...photo from UDN.com…

And so, this elementary instructor realized, that he couldn’t teach the classes the way he would compared to back when he’d taught in the cities, because of the differences of resources, and the various stimuli found in their environments, and, he’d still used his own imaginations, and innovations, and set up a coursework that the students can feel connected to, and that just shows, how being creative is a MUST, for any teacher, and his dedication is also, commended too.


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