He’d Used the Science Experiments to Make His Students Fall in Love with Chemistry

How this school teacher used some interesting experiments to get his students into learning chemistry, from the Newspapers, translated…

The chemistry instructor, Ji-Jien Hsiao from Chun-Shi Business and Technical High School originally used the textbook methods to teach his students chemistry, but he’d found there to be little effect on his students’ learning progresses, so, he’d wanted to change, and used hands-on experiments, to teach students to bleach out the azaleas with sulfur, using iodine to test the amount of vitamin C inside fruit juices, and it’d managed to change the students’ minds about chemistry.

Hsiao, who was voted by the education bloggers as a role model told, that he was educated the traditional ways, and, he’d only studied enough as he was a student, to pass his examinations in school. It wasn’t until he entered into the chemistry graduate department of Taiwan Teacher’s University, did he find his areas of interest, and started getting into problem-solving methods, and that, was when he’d fallen in love with the subject of chemistry. After he’d graduated, he’d taught using the traditional methods, but, the students didn’t respond well enough, in a seminar, he saw the lecturing professor from Zhongshan Univeristy, Yu combined life and chemistry, into a show, he’d gotten inspired, “That, is how chemistry should be taught!”

At first, Hsiao used glue and Borax and made it into a sticky object, rolled it into thin pieces, placed it underneath his nose, called it “snot bugs”, his students were intrigued, and started making their own, at first, they’d, modeled after him, then, they’d, made their own things, added the colors, and, they’d made an assortment of things, hamburgers, sunny side ups, ice cream cones.

Hsiao stated, that “the reports and end products of the experiments, as well as the challenge games his students were engaged in, were all, used in his grading them.” In the process of experimentation, not only were the students able to understand the basic principles he was teaching them, they were also able to, extend the theories wider, through this sort of group activities, his students learned to work together with each other, present their findings, as well as, problem-solving skills.

“Although, the subject of chemistry is not on the standardized tests, but I’d still hoped my students can gain knowledge from what they did in class, to incorporate what they’d learned into living.” Hsiao’s survey to his students found, that there were about eighty-percent of students who’d hated chemistry in their middle school years, reason being NOT wanting to remember the periodic table, and the formulas, never made a passing grade in the classes, couldn’t understand what the teacher was talking about. But, after they’d started in his class, there were, eighty-percent of the class who’d started liking the subject of chemistry, reason being, doing the experiments.

“As iodine got in contact with vitamin C, it would lose some of its colors, it’s best used in testing the amount of real fruit juices in drinks”, Hsiao had allowed his students to put drops of juices out on the markets into the iodine, and, which brands had the real fruit juices were clear, a female student had put drops of her melted regular vitamin C supplements into the iodine mixture, and, there was, no chemical reactions, and, it’d, shocked the female student, and that, was how Hsiao ran his chemistry class, that his students would remember what they observed and learned in his courses, forever.

So, this instructor managed to use the scientific experiments, to get his students interested in the subject he was teaching, and, he’d taken that extra mind, in devising the scientific experiments for his students to do, and, although, I’m thinking, that experiments may not be mandatory in schools here, but, this teacher realized the importance of having the students engaging in hands-on activities, as he’d believed, that doing is learning, and, you learn best, while doing, that, is why his students were all very excited about his class.


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